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06-10-2013, 11:23 PM
Hello everyone! I've Attemped to play PL many times before, but I quit right after. After my addiction to Arcane Legends in which I exceeded immensely, I decided to do PL again. I'll still be on AL of course, but PL is a whole new game for me now. I need some advice on how to play. (In AL, I end up thinking to myself sometimes "I wish I've known better at the beginning ;)) if I remember correctly, I'm level 16 archer. Same as AL name: Temarichan. Thank you very much! Also if you have any good PL threads, please suggest them to me.

-Best Places to level? Or is it just areas?
-Looting places?
-I'm an Archer, what are some good peices of info (Stat distribution, weapon choices, etc)
-Etc. Any other good advice?

06-10-2013, 11:47 PM
For a level 16, I recommend you level in balefort castle. Some good places to get gear at about your level is sandstone caves, but it is really hard and you need to be lv 18. But each item is worth at least 10k, so it is worth it. For an archer, I recommend you to become pure dex as your main job is to deal damage. If you want to level up fast, use elixirs.

06-11-2013, 01:47 AM
1) Get to 18 via hidden passage (fond in Fort Blackstone), 18-23 in Mega Maze, the rest of the maps don't matter until you get to 38. Unlock and level at Plasma Pyramid until 43, then get Crush the Keeper unlocked and get to 48 there. After that go to Hideout in sewers (first map) until 53 ish, then move on to Nuri. By then you should be able to figure out which maps are best.

2) Just use whatever gear you pick up until level 30, save your gold. It won't matter much until then, but after hitting 30 buy a shivering set (20k or so). That should hold you over until about level 40. Don't worry about farming for gear though.

3) Pure dex, be sure to max buffs (evade and focus). Shattering scream + blast will be your best friend, be sure to invest a bit into blast. Ignore thorn root for PvE, just get thorn wall (same as root but w/ AoE). Then the other arrows (break, blind, repulse) will be good investments after.

4) Use your free daily elixir every day, and get your daily blessing for a 24 hour Elix. If you get a 3x combo, be sure to make use of it. Other than that unless you wanna spend plat for elixirs that's all.

5) Don't enter PvP

06-11-2013, 06:11 AM
Nice! Another AL Player!