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Hola Amigos! ( Hello friends ) to my guide-ish thread on how to create a bank/ stay on a budget for new players! :) Let's get started shall we?

- Most of these tips are for new players but there may be a few that would apply to older players as well.

The Beginning.
When you first start off and play AL you are allowed to choose from 3 different characters and 3 different pets. Since the sorcerer's class's gears are the cheapest in AL currently, I would recommend you play this class first to make some money then max out some other toons with your newly earned bank although it's completely up to you.
Everytime you level you gain 1 platinum ( I believe this stops at level 8 ) which is very useful to buy exclusive gear and elixers to help you along your adventurous journey across the land of Arlor. When starting off, I wouldn't worry about your gear, just use whatever items you pick up, I wouldn't worry about your pet either.
Another tip when you start off is doing ALL the quests, as they reward gold, items, and sometimes even pets! Don't expect to have over 10k under level 10 unless of course you're a pro ( like me lol :p jk ). On your way, don't sell any items ( unless pink and worth over 5k ) in the auction house because it takes a percentage of your total profit. ( I'll list the exact calculation below with some examples. ) I would recommend you try to sell some epic items you pick up ( the purple ones ) for about 500g or so, heck try selling them 1k+ since there are many people out their with over 10 million gold that would be willing to give a fellow new player some starting cash. NEVER EVER BEG! Begging will give you one of the worst reputations ever, so never beg! ( nobody likes a begger. )
You should have about 10k gold when you are level 10 - 14. With this money, try some Merching ( if you don't know what that is search it on the forums, I'm sure there are many guides about it. ) And, as I said before, don't worry too much about your gear for now. Although I wouldn't recommend PvPing at low levels since everyone is a twink you could try a couple if you would like, but this will take away some of your money making time. I will also talk about potions in the later sections of this thread. To Sum this all up: 1) Never Beg, 2) Don't worry about gear/pets, 3) Do all the quests on the way, and pickup any gold you find while killing Dem' monsters.

NEVER EVER BUY THE POTIONS WHEN YOU'RE RUNNING A MAP! 25 mana potions would cost 400g which is extremely a lot of your bank when starting off although rogues are the main class that consume mana potions. Warriors consume many health potions and sorcerers are a mix of both. Whenever you are going to buy potions, use the guild hall! I can't stress how important this is!!!!!! USE THE GUILD HALL!!! It is sooo much cheaper, just join any guild, go to a town, go into the guild castle, go straight and there should be a door leading to the guild hall which has many discounts. For Example: 25 mana potions cost 400g when running a map, although in the guild hall 50 MANA POTIONS COST ONLY 360G!!!!!!! Meaning you will save 440 gold each time you buy the 50 mana pack from the guild hall. Try not to consume too many though as they are a big part of your bank in the beginning. Use skills like life giver, medic packs, or horn of renewal to regain health/mana without using potions.

Daily Quests.
These are so important at the beginning levels because of how much gold they can give out! ( I'm pretty sure if you do all of them you make around 400 gold per day ) Do ALL of the bard quests as you unlock them! There are 2 in the windmoore tavern, 1 in traveler's outpost and 1 in The Great City of Kragg.
Once you unlock Kragg there are also many other quests such as Black Hearts, and Under Fire. There is also another quest in the Hauntlet ( Also in Kragg ) which rewards 110 gold and a hauntlet coin. When totaling all these daily quests rewards up, you make almost 800 gold if you have unlocked Kragg City.

Do all the daily quests, don't use up too many potions, sell your items directly to players rather than using the Consignment Shop, Use the guild hall to buy your potions, don't worry about your gear, try out the sorcerer's class first, and finally, don't beg! I hope all these tips helped you on your never ending journey! Below are some extra things, on this topic. Remember to tap that "Thanks" button on your way out on the bottom left corner of this post! - Skull. :)

CS ( Consignment Shop ) Percentage of your total profit equation with X representing the item's price you are trying to sell, for example 10k.
100 + X/1000
According to P.E.M.D.A.S you do division first meaning 10k ( 10000 ) divided by 1000 which equals 1k ( 1000 ).
Now take that 1000 gold and add 100 gold = 1100 gold. That is how much you will lose if you list an item for 10k meaning you will only make 8900 gold if it sells.

A Merching Guide: http://www.spacetimestudios.com/showthread.php?85036-TrueOrigin-s-Thrill-of-the-Trade
My Farming Guide for New Players: http://www.spacetimestudios.com/showthread.php?92067-A-Farming-Guide-For-New-Players

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Here is your promised guide! :)

Good job!

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Nice 1

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Wow guys, thank so much! I never thought the guide would get such nice feedback, hoping that it stays that way! :)

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just a note, it's kraag, not kragg :)

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Thanks I'm new to AL however through extensive PL playing I think I got most of my basis covered! Thanks for posting I'm sure some people will find this and your other guides very useful!

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+1 ;) Good Guide! Very useful

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Great guide for the new players!

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Thanks everyone for the GREAT feedback! Hoping this gets moved to the Player Guides section. :) I may pm Devs about it.

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Great guide! am i the only one who thinks there's a bit of error on the consignment column?

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Great guide for new players! Well written, easy to read. Nice work!

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Thank you everybody for all the great feedback! :)

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Great guide! am i the only one who thinks there's a bit of error on the consignment column?

If there is, please say so, I wouldn't want any new players to be mislead. Thanks! :)

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Just pm'ed Delphina hoping to get my 2nd guide moved to the "Al Player Guides" Section, wish me luck! :)

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good guide. bt wat is P.E.M.D.A.S

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P = Parenthesis
E = Exponents
M = Multiplication
D = Division
A = Addition
S = Subtraction
This is the order in which once would correctly solve a mathematical equation. Heck, I'm surprised that I still remember that lol
-Skull. And Thanks so much for moving it Delphina, it means a lot to meh! :)

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Gratz on moved!

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Thanks Doc! :)

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I'm at end game and I still do dailies on all my characters

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I never said that was a bad idea, It's actually pretty good. :)

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I laugh when you write things in spanish xD

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I laugh when you write things in spanish xD
Lol xD.

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WTF SRY... U GOING TO AL BRO???? add me :D IGNS: Suspense, Streaking, Mytrillions, techniques, penetrated, levitated :D
OT: nice guide :D

Thanks I'm new to AL however through extensive PL playing I think I got most of my basis covered! Thanks for posting I'm sure some people will find this and your other guides very useful!