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---Evl's Attack Guide--- ***This guide was made during the current version of BD (Battle Dragons) as of 6/16/13 and further revisions or additions may come at a later date***

Ever feel like your units are getting no where? Can't make the best use of a smasher? Are you finding your units unable to kill a wall or dragon? Well this guide will try to iron out the best approach for attacking! Please note that this is just ONE version of attacking (players) and there may be other ways.


1.Intro (above section)
2.The Units/Specialties
3.Attacking Walls
4.Attacking Dragons
5.Attacking Halls
6.How to approach resources
7.How to best make use of your units

2. The Units:

Brawler- The basic of basic. Ok attack, ok HP.
***Loves to attack: ANYTHING (no specified favorite)***

Spitter: The ranged unit. Ok attack, Good HP. Longer range of attack
***Loves to attack: ANYTHING***

Gobbler: Fast unit. Good HP, Ok attack
***Loves to attack: Resources(damage x5)

Crusher: High HP, Low attack
***Loves to attack: Defenses(damage x6)***

Smasher: Very fast unit. Good attack, Very low HP
***Loves to attack: Walls(damage x40)***

Bomber: Good attack, Good HP
***Loves to attack: Defenses(damage x3)***

Blaster: Good attack, Good HP
***Loves to attack: ANYTHING***

Healer: Heals units(doesn't attack), High HP

Avenger: Very high attack, Very high HP
***Loves to attack: ANYTHING***

Devistator: Insane attack, Insane HP
***Loves to attack: ANYTHING***

These are summaries of the units you will obtain. The "OK,good,high,insane" ratings are just general terms in the overall aspect of the game. All of these units are helpful no matter the rating and each holds a special purpose. We shall discuss the specialties now before moving on to actually attacking.

You shall find that after the Smasher unit that units may begin to fly. What does flying have to do with anything? It means that some dragons won't be able to attack it so it has an advantage when attacking a base.


Walls(Smasher): Since the smasher is the ONLY unit who goes for walls right off the bat then this unit will be your "wall destroyer". The smasher will attack walls before moving on (if it lives) to another type of building. In general you will only need to build 7 to 10 smashers to destroy most walls. MOST PEOPLE WILL HAVE WALLS.

Defenses: Defenses are dragons placed around the map to defend the base in which they occupy. A unit who favors defenses will attack defenses before moving on to any other type building. The unit WILL destroy walls to get to the defense if walls are in the way.

Resources: A unit who favors resources will attack resources before moving on to another type of building. They WILL attack walls if walls are in the way. Resources buildings are your resource producers (gold mines, sheep barns), tribe lodge, Hall, research buildings, and builders. Sheep Corrals and Gold Hoards are the last thing they attack if all other resource buildings are destroyed.


Ok so most people have walls so let's say you run into a base with one or more walls or sections of walls. You will use your smashers (how every many) and place them down in front of the wall or near the wall in which you mean to attack. After that they usually die by dragons or move on to the next wall by auto-attack.


The best way to approach any type of dragon is to use the unit who favors to attack dragons. Why? You wanna get rid of the dragons as fast as possible to minimize the loss of your units plus they unit who favors defenses gets a big boost in attack when attacking them. Clear the walls then spawn your defense destroyer so it can go right to the defense.


Halls are considered a resource so try to get the unit that favors resources to attack it. If you can't do that then try to plan so your units attack the hall together since the Hall usually has a lot of HP. If you destroy the hall you win the PvP!!


Resources have alright HP but the quickest way to get rid of them is to use your unit that favors resources. If you destroy the resource you get a portion of sheep or gold that the player has. You can see how much gold/sheep you can obtain in total by looking at the top left corner of your screen when attacking and each time you attack a resource that number slowly decreases.


Ok so we passed the really general subjects involving specific types of buildings and how to best destroy them. Now we shall discuss how to make the best of your units and avoid common mistakes.

The most common mistake is putting all your units down at one time. DO NOT DO THIS. This leads to the defenses having easier time targeting your units and it gets them killed easier. Put them down little by little depending on situation and time. The most basic strategy is to put down your Smasher to destroy walls, then put down a unit with high HP or good attack to move in to to take the hits and then put down a long range/flying/more units to start destroying the defenses. The units you placed down first will take more damage than units you play later on.

Dragons ALWAYS attack the closest unit to them. Keep this in mind when going after a base. You may have that spitter army attacking the dragon but some gobblers run past it to attack a resource and the dragon killed your spitter. The next attack it will do will be against your gobblers. You may lose most or all of your gobblers this way.

Find a weak point in the defense. Maybe you memorized how much HP a certain building has? Look for a weak building or an open spot in a wall to attack from. The main objective is to avoid casualties and work fast to destroy. Remember you only have 3 minutes to destroy the hall and do as much damage as possible


You can build a Temple of War to level up the units in your dojo. The prices for these upgrades are quite a lot and it's even more expensive to upgrade the dojo to unlock more units to upgrade. Upgrading units increases their HP, DPS, and Cost.

You can also build a Temple of Magic to launch various offensive magics that will help you destroy an enemy base.

These 2 buildings are called your "research buildings" and are considered resources. If you read my other guide concerning defense these are also Extra Buildings.

9. There are many ways to go about attacking a base. It is up to you to decide what is best and how many units you shall build. You can build a single type of army or spread out your army among unit types to do other things. The main thing is to work out what the best plan of action is. I hope this information helped you out! If anyone has anything to add please do so.

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Nice guide bro, :) Really liked it!

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Thanks haha.

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I'd actually recommend putting down some high hp dragons before the wall breakers. The defenses will be focused on the high hp ones while the walls are being destroyed