View Full Version : Some Suggestions

07-28-2013, 05:35 PM
There a bunch of things that could be done to improve the game and i have a few ideas.
1. An option tht would allow us to increase the amount of people allowed into a tribe. 50 is really not enough.
2. There should be a private/group chat option so you can talk to people and not be spammed by people looking for tribes and being immature.
3. This would obviously go hand in hand with my previous suggestion. I think a friends list would be a great addition to the game. In the current game you meet cool people in pub chat and you may or may not see them again because of this random pub chat. With a friends list you would be able to talk to them.
4. And finally and ignore feature is a must. Im tired of little kids acting like they are cool bragging about their sexual exploits(really?) and general spam of the chat. The report feature really isnt enough.
Just my suggestions :)