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07-31-2013, 09:00 AM
Summer is coming...

The heat bore down oppressive on the party as they scanned the beaches of Aegir. Rough hands blocked the sun from his eyes the calloused digits closed tightly to shade them from the brightness of the midday brilliance.

“He’s not here.” Crowsfoot said, as he removed his hand from his forehead and once again hoisted his blade onto his shoulder. He was a massive man, one who could squash a melon in one hand, and his eyes were always squinted causing small tan lines to develop in the corners of his eyes over years of the habit. “Water looks nice though – anyone up for a swim?” Crowsfoot smiled and pointed at the surf where waves that would tower over even his giant frame crashed into unseen rocks just below the surface.

“You’re crazy Crow, you know that right?... I thought he would be more elusive than this. Finding him will not be this simple…” Replied Joncheese. Jon’s short form was towered in comparision to the gigantic tank of a man who stood beside him. Luckily Jon’s hat hid his blue appearance, the Nott were a race of beings from another dimension and while there were some of Arlor who had come to accept them and embrace their kind albeit interesting nature, most were not. If at all possible Jon would hide his appearance when at all possible – he had even been known to wear decorative trees in the winter time.

“The last time we saw one of his kind, it was in Skull cove, and I’m not prepared to invest that sort of time into such a fool’s errand Crow. I’m sorry mate you’re on your own.” Alrisaia bowed to her friends and departed silently down the pier.

“I’m with you Crow – I’ve been looking for him for days!” Eeknow said, stepping up to stand near Jon. She was a rogue from the islands and her assistance would be much appreciated. I know Skull Cove rather well and I can show you where I have seen him drop last. I’d be honored if I could join you Crow.

“Fine Eek, who else wants to join us?” Most of the men remained silent, Skull Cove was a beach that if you did decide to go, you had to commit to the possibility of never coming home. Many people die there.

“If you do find him, you had better be willing to share in the spoils. Say fifty fifty split Crow, and I will help.” Leeefa was always interested in profit and if it were a difficult fight, it meant a more valuable find.

“You’re in Lee, it’s a deal. Fifty fifty split.” Crow agreed and stormed off toward the ship. Once aboard, he assumed his usual place leaning against the mast.

When they reached Skull Cove – they fought their way through the Aegir pirates without a casualty, albeit crow as a bloody mess from the nicks and cuts of the pirate’s swords, Jon’s ability to hold them back while Eek and Lee tore open their throats one by one proved an effective tactic.

Finally they reached Bloodhammer’s lair. They attacked, Jon held off all of the cronies that Bloodhammer called forth, while Eek and Lee concentrated their arrows into the shark’s tough skin!

It was Jon who brought down the unnatural abortion of the abyss and when the shark died a small egg fell from his pouch. It was an offwhite with what looked like small jewels decorating the exterior shell.

Crow handled the egg gently – so as to not break it open.

“Lets go quickly – back to the pier, I’m sure we can get 200k for it easy.” Said Lee, always thinking of how to line her purse with the gold of others who earned it on some distant farm.

Crow opened into a laugh as loud as thunder and sat beside the fire Bloodhammer and his crew had so kindly setup for the four. “Sell it? Lee, I just wanted lunch mate – this is for my Eggs Sandwich!” Crow proceeded to crack the egg and dribble the contents onto a cookpan. “Sit down Lee, half for you mate!” Crow laughed again and they all enjoyed a good chuckle as the frying pan began to simmer with the smell of cooking egg.

Hope you all liked it :) Crows lunch sounds good :P

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Naaaice! And who doesn't like GOT ;)

[EDIT] @ references like "Crow" and "Jon" - wonderful.

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Glad you liked it... lol bored... :)

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I always want to crack a joke so here are two possible retorts (I can't decide which is better xD).

1) Lol, I already had an egg and everything bagel for breakfast, obviously I had a shark steaks for lunch. leef sold the egg ;)

2) sorry I dragged Jon, ekk, and leef for a sandwich break. Wraps are more low cal.

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Lol they risked their life only for lunch, eh? :D
Nice story.
Thumbs up. :rugby:

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Nice story:)

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e.e im not sure if I should read this or. Not lol. Btw whats up minatar/crow ;)

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A Green "+" symboled lunch for my abaddon

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A Green "+" symboled lunch for my abaddon

I like your locked grand crate der :)

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A Green "+" symboled lunch for my abaddon

I like your locked grand crate der :)