View Full Version : Sustainable PvE Rhino Build?

07-31-2013, 10:19 PM
I would appreciate if somebody could either post or link me a sustainable PvE Rhino build that's either good or decent from a very low level to endgame. What I mean by this is a build that won't give me any issues just starting out or in the middle of building because I'd much rather not have any major issues such as excessive dying, etc. If I can maintain a level 61 full dex bird and only have 185 deaths along with 9K pve kills, I think I'll do fine tanking because I tank in every other MMO I play.

Thank you.

-Neffy | Trenton

08-07-2013, 09:33 PM
Well first off, are you planning on soloing most of the time? because a rhino would not be the ideal class to do that with.

Rhinos of course are big Debuffers/supporters and when you are soloing it is hard to kill mobs when you have only a few skills that actually do any damage. If you are still convinced you want to be a rhino then here are some things I focus on.

Dont do STR, it will take way to long to kill things by yourself, rhinos don't have AEO skills (for the most part other then summon) and it will be literally one kill at a time. Rather go DEX/INT or DEX/STR and use xbows/forgotten bows as you go along ,

Charge is really only useful at level 1, increasing the rank only raises the damage slightly
Rhino might can be useful because it is a 80% chance of debuff on the target at rank 6
Restore is a neccessary skill for a dex rhino
redemption helps a ton, but you should keep it at 1-3 points for levels 1-50
try to Max Summon Guardian Holy Tempest and all the Buffs as soon as you can, these help a ton with deal damage/debuffs to the mobs.

hope this helps a little