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08-12-2013, 08:41 AM
I decided to make a new thread since I didn't even see my previous thread because it glitched or something and I couldn't edit it.

I see a lot of begging of leveling every day when I log on to Pocket Legends, at times it gets really annoying, so I decided to make a little
guide for all new players out there. Let's begin.

First thing you want to do is remember to claim your daily blessings in time, you have about 6 hours to claim your elixir after it's possible to do so. It will
help you a lot during your leveling, whether it's double xp, combo elixir or damage or armor elixir.


From the beginning, the most efficient way to level up is searching for rooms with high population and most likely not completed dungeon. I do not recommend
doing quest if you want to level up fast and efficiently. Questing is just a way to get a small amount of money and sometimes useful items, but it's 75%
of the time slower than regular leveling (this method). After you hit higher level, you should search for a room that has more creeps (monsters) which will
be faster than remaking a dungeon.


It is always necessary (after you hit over 10 level) that you look for a group to level up with. It will be a lot easier. For example, I ask people if they want to level up with me? After you got a decent group (usually 3 members is enough), you should look for the best dungeon to level up in. It should contain features

More monsters, less bosses
Easy dungeon
High experience gain

Example: I am level 12 rhino


I have a good group, I am looking for a good dungeon to level up in, for now Dark Forest gives me the most xp. I should look for a dungeon there. I chose the King of Bling, it isn't a hard dungeon, one boss and a couple or green monsters with higher heal but it's not a big of a deal and it has 90 monsters, which is more than the previous dungeons had.

You can kill bosses in lower level dungeons but when you hit level 50 some bosses are hard so you should skip them. After you completed the dungeon until the point you want, the person that you chose to be in charge should remake the dungeon and others should join them.

I decided to give you a list for best dungeons for each level that you can choose of.

1-10/13 look for a Forest Haven the Cult Crypt game with a high level and ask if you can join in for leveling
1-10 If you can not find a good group level by yourself in Forest Haven, make sure that you are gaining experience!
10-13 Level in The King Of Bling
13-17 Hidden Passage 4 which is located behind a fence in the spawn point of Balefort Castle/Tower of Sorrow
17-18 Balefort Castle: Big Bed's Revenge
18-28 Fanthom Crypt: Mega Maze Mash Up
28-33 The Lost Expedition: The Missing Explorer
33-48 Alien Oasis I: The Great Pyramid, Alien Oasis II: Plasma Pyramid, Alien Oasis III: Crush The Keeper
48-53 The Balefort Sewers: The Bandit Boy Hideout
53-63 Nuri's Hallows: The Haunted Symphony or Nuri's Funhouse (you need to do all Esmeralda's Quests to run this dungeon)
^The reason I choose always Funhouse because there's a chance for good drops and there's always high levels farming, easy xp.
63-68 Try to get someone to help you to complete dungeons for you to run The Vampire Feast in Mount Fang.
^ There is some high levels that don't want low levels to run with you and they boot you, unless that happens try to run some dungeon Humania,
there isn't a lot of people running so just run in the game that has the most people.
68-76 Lost Valley/Dragon's Nest : )

The one thing I also wanted to talk about, don't rush to buy items in lower levels, the items you get from the dungeons are pretty good, you should
look prices of forgotten bows and some other items so you can buy some when you get richer. Don't rush you will get richer eventually. Make sure you know prices before you buy items.

This is a little guide I made.

I hope some new players get to see this

08-15-2013, 11:47 AM
a Couple things,

I have leveled almost 40 toons and there are some maps I have found to be the best.

when you are leveling 13-18 I use Balefort 4: Tower of Sorrow, there is a high concentration of NPC's and a fairly direct route to the end meaning more xp, less time.

In Alien Oasis I would complete the maps till number 5 The Great Pyramid, Not only is it a direct route with alot of NPC's but you can run to your left after you exit the walkway and end up in Anibus's pyramid and defeat him, he drops 37-40 Armors, weapons, helms

In AO2 I would try to complete maps to plasma pyramid, This is just a great leveling map.

in AO3 complete till 2: Crush the Keeper, this has a fairly direct route with good XP.

also from 28-33 I would suggest doing Ancient Swamps 5: Bye Bayou

just some preferences

08-16-2013, 08:41 AM
You have 6 hours to get the daily blessing before its gone;)

08-16-2013, 08:45 AM
Also I agree with griffin when I hit 33 I just go to great pyramid after I finish other dungeons cause it's really easy And all the mobs are together and Ao2 plasma is pretty much like going in a line to fight and when I'm in Ao3 I always go to crush the keeper cause the monsters are just too easy there until I hit 48 then sewers also I wouldn't suggest fang cause its too hard so I just lvl till 63 in nuris then I can go to humania and u can go to lost villas just like that no dungeons need to be cleared

08-16-2013, 10:01 AM
Yeah I was supposed to change that AO part in my previous thread too but I couldn't edit it, so when I added this I messed up something with copy paste again :) Thank you though

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