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08-19-2013, 01:36 PM
Busterbiebe was wandering in the ancient temple in the crypts, farming for a rare pink selling for 5 m. in cs, when he came a across a peculiar stone column, upon which stood a book. A Mage came into the room. "I will read you Alterran Legacy", she said. The mage slowly opened the book, and began reading...

Chapter 1
It all began in outer space, as a starship was navigating through the deep clutches of the universe. All of a sudden, a mysterious enemy ship appeared and started charging a dangerous ray at the starship. The ray missed, though, and instead hit a nearby star. The star exploded into a nova, and the two ships were ripped apart.

The compact was so treacherous it caused a rip in space, which sucked in matter and energy to create a new world called Dementia. This world was no more than sparks of energy from the ray, rock, and gas in the middle of no where. One day, though, the energy created a strange force that forged the rocks and gas together. Millions of years later, the planet had wildlife on it. There were bears, birds, lions, etc. Then, something truly magical happened. The sparks of energy landed on the planet.

The energy transformed into a little girl, one after the other. These girls would grow up to be the planet's best sorcerers. One in perticular was 3 energy sparks combined. This resulted into the formation of the elf queen. Alterra was a peaceful place that developed slowly. All was well before traces of the portal became clear to the human race.

Chapter 2
The humans have spent years trying to build something with a great compact like the energy ray, so they could open the portal. All they know of this is what was reported by the people on the starship. Finally, a weapon was built that would exceed in opening the portal. But it would do much more than that. Much, much more.
Little did they know that the chemical they used was a dangerous, dark substance that has a mind of its own. It's known as ChoaS2.

The next day, the humans started thier expedition, which lasted 2 weeks. At thier destination, the humans activated the raygun. A dark spark of energy exploded, activating the portal. As before, the energy exploded into many small sparks. These were different, though. They followed the ship into the portal, and then, out of anyone sight, exploded into a shadow that filled Dementia. It evaporated in a flash.

The planet had two islands, Arlor and Alterra. Arlor is a completely different story. Rogues were formed when the energy shadow crossed over Dimentia. Sorcerers were formed by the energy sparks that landed onto a snowflake, and then landed into the sun spot, the place where all three suns shine the most during the day. Warriors were the children of nordr Viking. Anyway, because of the dark energy sparks, the world would soon dwell into chaos. Nobody can stop it. Or can they?

Chapter 3
There's a dark secret about Dementia. When the shadow passed over it, the shadow evaporated into the planet's core, creating a dark realm of shadow and chaos. There, the dark king dwelled. He caused chaos in people's minds and drove them insane.

Meanwhile, in forest haven, the there was cheerfulness and happiness among the people, including a sorceress named silky. She was a great sorceress with lots of skill and talent. She wasn't very sure anybody noticed how skillful she was, nevertheless cared. For years she has trained, yet for what purpose? She didn't mind much, though, until one day. The dark king planned an attack on Alterra. It started out a day like every, the sorceresses dueling and chatting, until a shadow crossed over all of Alterra only. The shadow later split into many storm clouds. Lightning spread through-out the island. It was thanks to silky it ended, but nobody noticed.

Years were spent training Alterra's animals using magic. The animals became very skillful and prepared to fight real foes. The elf queen sent them to save the island from this darkness. The brave animals were to discover further areas on the island, in groups. They explored through forest haven, he sorceresses close behind.

"I can make you important. I can make you go on in history, silky," he said to her. "Just help me. Please." Silky accepted. "This is what I need you to do, Silknight."