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09-06-2013, 02:47 PM
Been working on a site for all of us nerds who have been geeking out at Battle Dragons. I need some people to help me test things it out. The site will be available, though under the radar over the weekend and I'll push a bit more traffic towards it next week (if everything pans out alright).


So here's the what Battle Dragons Builder can do:

* Create bases online and share them with friends
* Tribe listing, management and recruitment
* Stats on virtually every troop and structure in the game
* Images on virtually everything in the game
* Arena where you can see how your favorite Battle Dragons troops match up
* Guides (available for the public to submit)
* A rather large community full of Battle Dragons base builders
* Base plan ratings and evaluations to find the best plan for your base

Coming Soon...

* All images for each level of every structure in the game which will make your base building more accurately depicted
* Attack other people's by creating attack plans

<a href="http://battledragonsbuilder.com/plan/5"><img src="http://battledragonsbuilder.com/themes/default/images/baseThumbnails/5.png"></a>

Either way, could use a little help in tinkering with things over the weekend. Thanks for your efforts.

Not really sure what happened to the previous thread. The original post that started the thread was lost or something? If a forum moderator could remove the 'ghost' thread, that would be peachy.

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09-07-2013, 12:07 PM
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