View Full Version : vanity suggestion

09-09-2013, 04:13 PM
To be honest, I think most vanity out there in AL is pretty ugly.

I think developer should take some advice or do some survey from players like "What vanity would you like to see in the store?"
So far, I haven't seen any conversation between players and dev about vanity.

My idea about vanity is developer should give different vanity for different classes, not just use same look vanity with different size.
Even better, player can customize their own vanity, but cost some platinum (maybe 250 plat). But I believe most player give a try for that.
Here is my idea of vanity:
Rogue - princess snow white / sexy bunny girl / and etc.
Sorceror - clown / spongeBob-look vanity / and etc.
Warrior - plumber / fireman / robot / and etc.