View Full Version : Charecter idea the arcane weapon

09-09-2013, 05:02 PM
This class would be a girl.

It would be like a sorrceror mixed with a rouge. The armor would have arcane symbols on it and they symbols would glow. I used feedback from my past charecter idea. The helmets would be hoods mask and hats. They people would originate from a different dimension like the sorrceror but their dimension would also have a lot of water like rouge. Their weapons would be ranged like sorrceror. The "specail" weapon would be a crossbow, because of sorrceror gun and rouge cross bow. The normal like weapon would be staffs and bladed fist. The class would be called the arcane weapon because it would be people tested on with arcane energy. They then created there own weapons.

If you want more back story or have an idea for the charecter just reply and I will edit this.

So if you add a suggestion check back daly. And ope fully the DEVS read this.