View Full Version : Revisit 30 second shield in CTF spawn

09-12-2013, 08:11 PM
First of, it was really great for STS to support implementing the 30 second invulnerability in CTF spawn area to discourage continuous abuse on a game that is obviously a "no match". But people are still complaining about being spawn killed or being ganged. It's obvious that people want the "kill", and not the "flag". I thought TDM would cater for this, but it seems for whatever reason, people prefer the CTF map.

So, here is an alternate suggestion and why I think it's a good idea; and maybe folks can provide feedback/comment:

1) Instead of 30 sec invulnerability, permanently have the barrier up at spawn area, but make it a one way exit. i.e. you can only exit, but not return back.
2) Instead of starting the match when 3 people have joined -- let the flags appear as soon as two from each team steps out of the game area.

- This means when you step out, you have full knowledge that there is a chance you will be killed. You can't complain about being ganged...since it's you who decided to step into the game area.
- People who camp just outside the spawn, will either get really bored and may actually "capture the flag"....or instead go play TDM.

Other crazy tag-team idea, may be hard to implement, but just throwing it out there...

3) Create a second barrier at the end of the spawn creating a holding area for people joining the game, so that...
3.a) There has to be the same amount of people in the holding area before they can exit the second barrier into the game area. Within a specified amount of time, then they need to go into the game area....else they get sucked bucked into spawn area.
3.b) People can go back into the holding area, but not the spawn area so that they can tag-team. Meaning, there will always be equal amounts from each team in the game area, when they go back to the holding area, they can swap places...one goes into the game, the other gets sucked back into the spawn are.

09-12-2013, 11:35 PM
Only issue is that lots of folks use the spawn rooms for 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 battles. However, if they would go ahead and make special arenas for those situations (I posted a nice idea about that previously) then this would be a non-issue.