View Full Version : [REQUEST] PVP ,divide to nations

09-14-2013, 09:12 PM
The game would be much fun if we had like two nations or three fighting for cities or castle or whatever you wanna call it .ther will be more pvp fight or guilds fitghts to win an area or city .after caping the game gets kinda boring if the developers can add nations feature it will be more fun and playable game .what im saying is when someone join the game for the first time ,they get an alert to join a nation .for the people already playing the game we can have an NPC where wecan choose the nation we want o join ,this way their will be pvp everywhere in maps .
Maybe the guild who wins a battle can win a room for discounted elixirs prices or win a map where their is good loots .anyway this will get people to be in guilds and play as teams with guild mates .