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09-15-2013, 05:37 AM
Thanks to the Grand Nerf of 2013, I now have infinite re-specs to test the Rhino.

Pure Str: Everything into STR
Strex: 157 STR (to equip Savage Set), rest DEX
Strint: 157 STR (to equip Savage Set), rest INT

Which one is the best? There is no longer any debate.



Compared to Pure STR, STREX increases damage by 7% and hitrate by 39%, in exchange for 18% less health, 5% less dodge, 2% less armor, and 8% less heal. STRINT increases damage by 4% and hitrate by 29%, but sacrifices 18% health, 9% dodge, and 3% armor. Other benefits of STRINT are 15% stronger Holy Tempest, 23% stronger heal, 19% higher MP, and 25% mana regeneration.

The math supports "everything in STR", in order to maximize the full defensive potential of a Rhino. But this leaves it with only 92% hitrate, which is annoying. Therefore one final tweak is needed to avoid misses.

DexStr: 46 DEX, rest STR
Intstr: 74 INT, rest STR
Assuming buffed Rhino with max Vital Force

I recommend IntStr because there is no point surviving without doing something useful, such as healing.

Alternatively, birds have been nerfed badly, so STREX practically eats them. There was this CTF game where I ran head-on into birds, killing them, then escaping with the flag. But I still don't see the Rhinos improving against Bears or Mages. Until that happens, Rhinos are weak in PVP. Stick to IntStr, or Pure Str.


The rhino has a ton of defensive skills. The only proper offense is Charge + Redemption (combo). With the recent upgrade, Charge has been increased to 12m, meaning birds can't kite anymore. The Rhino also runs faster in CTF (Capture the Flag).


Skills have no "strictly best" build. It depends on your tolerance for danger. It starts from "birdkiller" which is already pretty defensive (absorb the punishment of an oncoming bird, then stomp it flat with Charge + Redemption). From there it morphs into the tankiest kind of tank. All 4 configurations can be used in PVE (questing), but they work differently in competitive matchups. CTF supportive is the most balanced.


In "total defence", the rhino learns both Brute Force and Vital Force which is not stackable. Thanks to a glitch (or feature) in the system, there is a way:

Cast Vital Force
Run some distance from party
Cast Brute Force
End result: Party +36 dmg, Self +10 dodge, +5 armor, +27 hit, + 10 crit

But this is too much gymnastics for a lousy 10 dodge.

Another skill that causes a lot of debate is Revive. AOE resurrection is cool, but why spend points to just to increase the range? At max level, Revive is 14m (the only 14m skill in the game), and each point increases the range by 1m. This 14m Revive is relevant in CTF, and CTF only.

The CTF Supportive Rhino joins combat to apply its AOE stun, Holy Tempest, and Heal. It should attack the birds, since mages / bears are well shielded from Rhinos. Once your buffs run out, which they will (since Rhino dmg is so low), both mages and bears will kill you. So the key is to only target DEX-heavy birds or foxes that neglect their defence. Any other animal, leave it to your team.

The CTF Runner Rhino avoids combat, but just tries to grab the flag and run. It uses 14m Revive to resurrect without entering combat, and only blesses the party from afar. If caught, the CTF Runner does what it does best - Stun and Run.

BTW - two rhinos can engage each other in combat forever and neither will win. Truth.


At max level, you should get

Savage Dragon Master Helmet (cheap)
Savage Dragon Master Scythe (affordable)
Savage Dragon Master Armor (freaking expensive)
Savage Dragon Master Buckler (expensive)
Hooch Hat (pennies)


In other words you should wear like a bear. The Savage set is pretty high in demand because almost everyone is using it, even birds (warbirds).

At lower levels, you should wear whatever your stats and cash allow.

A STREX rhino has the option of using the Swift set. Not such a good idea because Rhinos are heavy-melee creatures.


Fine Crystal Ring of Life: 1 H/s, 3 M/s, 2 Damage (Earlygame)
Acrobat's Iron Band: 2% Dodge, 20 Health, 4 Damage (Endgame)
Black Ring of Valiant Glory (NOT YET AVAILABLE): 3 Str, 3 Dex, 3 Int, 5 Dodge, 5 Hit, 2 Crit, 67 Health, 1 H/s, 10 mana, 1 M/s, 10 Damage, 20 Armor

Rings cost platinum. Defensive stats are better because with even 1HP you can cast Heal. Dodge > Armor > HP.

Low level, the Fine Crystal Ring of Life lets you avoid running out of mana. You will never need pots because Heal = HP, and Ring = Mana to Heal.


Dark and Stormy is my face of choice. It adds 8 HP. Faces cost platinum.

The rhino needs as much HP as possible because it starts from a low base of 400 (lower than birds!).

09-15-2013, 03:37 PM
Thank you!

I'm new to the Rhino and I was having trouble figuring out the best way to spend ATT points. Great job in breaking down the math for us!!

06-21-2014, 12:11 PM
H,i great guide along with you definitive guide to the Rhino the previous version.
a few questions.
One; will you edit your previous guide to reflect this new info? ( I know its a hasstle but it would help a lot of new playes and it's the best darn pali guie out there )
Two; Why only 46 DEX or 74 INT, or did you mean 46 dex & 76 INT. (I'm more interested in the explanation for INT )
Three; is there any more benefits for adding more into INT other than more heal and more DMG to holy tempest?
I'm a PvE player ( I PvP once every blue moon just to do something different but meh ) and any info you could provide I would appreciate it inclined to that environment. I'm assuming the CTL supportive build is the better for PvE .
thank you in advance I know the thread is old but I'm a new player , about 2 weeks maybe 3 and have restarted my Rhino a few times already and your previous guide is the best till I found this one. so I'll re start my pali for a 4th time lol.

07-17-2015, 10:26 AM
Great Guide, not sure if whisperwalk is still around but this is much appreciated. Getting back into playing my paladin so any updates to this would be appreciated.

08-18-2017, 11:13 AM
Excellent information! Thank you.

04-24-2018, 06:44 AM
Rhino is the best