View Full Version : Quick way to switch skill set

Milan Lame Man
09-15-2013, 11:19 AM

I was somewhat disappointed that the "save/load Loadout" buttons in the inventory do not remember skills as well.
Really, there is typically 1 best weapon, 1 best armor etc. so there is (IMHO) no point in saving different Loadouts. OTOH, I am playing a sorcerer and there are like 4 or more different situations where I need a different set of skills.

Would it be possible to
a) change the "save/load Loadout" to remember skills as well, or
b) to move this option to Skills page, or
c) add a different "save/load skillset" option in there?

I believe the switch would still take long enough to prevent people from shooting 4 skills, switching, and shooting 4 more, plus most people only run with 4 or 5 skills so it wouldn't hurt the game that much.
Obviously, this is a lot of coding just for me but... I ask nicely, don't I? ;)

Thanks for reading,