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09-19-2013, 11:11 AM
Now i know by posting this thread i will probably receive mostly negative feedback on this subject. However i have decided to post this thread anyways as this is something that i have been thinking about and that i believe would actually benefit AL as a whole. I am pretty sure that the AL economy is a little something like this.......The top say 1% or possibly 2% have more gold by far then the remaining 98% sound familiar? Sounds a lot like the Occupy Wall street ordeal from recent real world america hmmm. Unfortunately the majority of people that i feel the change of lowering platinum cost would benefit, will probably never read this post as they are probably not forum users at all. So here is my thoughts, By lowering the cost of platinum which is currently very steep at $89.99 U.S. Dollars for 1700 plat, (Which is the only viable option if your planning on looting an arcane and didnt get it in your first 5 chests u opened.) I believe this would make the better items like Elite pinks, Arcane weapons, Mythic gear, and Arcane eggs more attainable for the majority of players which in turn would increase sales of platinum as more people would be willing 2 spend their real money on in game items. I do believe that if platinum cost were cut in half or one third u would more than double platinum sales as more than twice the amount of people would now be willing to buy platinum. By lowering the cost of platinum you would in turn make this game far more appealing to the masses and to the average player who downloads and plays this game. Now on the reverse side of the coin because i know what types of responses i will receive from other players on this matter and im sure they will say something to the tune of Lowering platinum cost will tank the AL economy, (Yes i have a tiny violin for you if you would like) well here is my response to that way of thinking......Its a GAME, and i strongly feel these changes would vastly keep more people happy and increase platinum sales hugely for STS. The ELITE few would not fare well with this change that i am sure of so u might lose plat sales from the top few percentages but gain from everyone else. I personally have not and will not buy platinum at those prices but if the prices were lowered sayby half or by a third i would buy platinum and im sure many people would agree with me. I look forward to well thought out and intelligent responses on this matter. Thanx for reading and HAVE A NICE DAY :D

09-19-2013, 11:20 AM
Actually, lowering the cost of platinum will hurt the non-platinum players the most. What you are talking about would set up a massive gold influx which would actually drive UP prices since the gold value of items is already tied to their platinum value (indirectly, but it is there). Currently, 25 plat = 25,000 gold. If you cut the price of 25 plat in half, you cut the value of 25,000 gold in half. Try to remember that it is not just lowering the cost of platinum for you, but also for the top 2%. You say 'twice the amount of people', but in reality, that top 2% would just buy twice as much platinum.

09-19-2013, 11:28 AM
Well i do agree with you that the top 2% WOULD just buy twice the platinum however people like myself the average player who does not buy platinum now would therefore increasing their platinum sales and the overall attainability of items.