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09-21-2013, 09:57 AM
This is Kayoex again with a new suggestion :)

55% People who play AL are annoyed, the only reason is that you need to go to somewhere, get in it, go to somewhere else to do a thing.

EXAMPLE #1 : Many people wanna get pots faster, why they gonna go to Wind moore/Kraag then Guild Castle then Guild Hall?

EXAMPLE #2 : Many people want to go to Watcher's Tomb to earn xp, but they need to go to Traveler's Outpost then.

EXAMPLE #3 : Many people want to go to Kraken Mines(including me) to farm, but we need to go to the Dragon's Jewel, go to Cpt. Hanna Raven, press explore, press Kraken Mines and keep walking to get in.

I can give many more examples! But I don't want to annoy who's reading with a big thread :D

So simply STS, I just created a suggestion for creating a second map including the places : Guild Hall, Kraken Mines, Watcher's Tombs, Kraag's Tombs, maybe Tunnels of Valheim and Camp Boulder, etc.., Thanks - Kayoex =), And I apologize for my bad english.

09-21-2013, 01:38 PM
Yea they need to make an option to go to these places.. Especially pots, it's so annoying :p

09-21-2013, 04:52 PM
It's a good idea but not one that nesscecareily needs to be in the game it's a small hinderence to us and a lot of coding for the Devs but I would like to see it at somepoint + 0.5

09-21-2013, 05:17 PM
Hmm, it takes maybe 10-30 seconds max to go to any of the places you mentioned. However, a guild hall button on the world map would be great. But I'd rather see the devs improve other aspects of the game that direly need attention. Maybe after "everything is fixed" they can look into this.

09-22-2013, 09:38 AM
Thanks guys, hope a dev sees this soon to keep it in mind after "everything is fixed" Taejo :smile:.