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09-27-2013, 02:04 AM
I'd like to reshare a funny story I created a long time ago.:cheerful:

Once upon a time, there was a warrior named Klutch. He's in love with Becky, the most beautiful lady in the village. They are engaged and about to marry the following month. Before the marriage, Klutch was sent into a mission to hunt the green dragon, Blight. Blight's breath is so toxic it can turn an individual into a skeleton when struck in range. The only way to capture Blight is to go to auction house and buy it with gold, around 4k to 5k now, cheap. But Klutch is very courageous, he wants to face the Blight head on. So Klutch left ignoring Becky's pleas. Poor Becky, crying all day.

Next Chapter... (wow, I better sit comfortably this is going to be interesting)

Klutch with all his Juggernaut gear. Klutch went to Ydra Forest alone to hunt Blight. Sneaking, Klutch saw a green scaly tail wiggle, then he charged his Skyward Smash into the direction of the dragon using a Mighty Trollbane of Potency, when suddenly. His eyes caught the eyes of the dragon and it happened instantly. He felt heavy, muscle moving from every direction, his teeth instead of 20 turned into 2 large rodent teeth. He grew taller and taller, taller than the trees around him. His trollbane was changed into a massive dragon bone. In other words, he turned into a troll. A troll eternally trapped in Ydra Forest guarding the egg of the green dragon, Blight. Amazing story, loved it. What's next?

Fact: Unknown to Klutch, Blight has this magical effect when you see its eyes. It seeks a guardian to protect its eggs. Whoever stares in its eyes will turn ugly just like Klutch.

A month has passed. Becky was worried sick, because her fiance has not returned nor any news from the armies of Arlor. So Becky decided to look for Klutch to Ydra Forest. Becky by the way is a rogue, who carries the Enchanted Bow. Becky went to the forest at night to use the shadow of the night. Stealthily, she saw the back of the green dragon, charged her Aimed Shot (recommended by rogues, i think). When she was about to release the arrow, a massive bone was heading in her direction. She evaded it, thanks to Dodge. Strike the bow once again, HIT this time, another and another (how many hits does it take to take down Klutus?). When, the troll was about to die (low HP), the dragon came zooming in, caught her unguarded. She fell down, with her bow thrown away from her. Just like Klutch, the eyes of the green dragon caught her own eyes, in an instant, she was transformed to a witch. Ugly looking witch just like the troll. Again, another guardian to protect the eggs of Blight, well, Blight only needs two, not three, two only.

From this day forth, the names of Klutch and Becky were forgotten. People in these days, seeing the troll and witch, has named both as Klutus and Becquila, as remembrance to the lovers who went missing in Ydra Forest. They have guarded the eggs of the green dragon for ages. Protecting it, just like a mother protects its child from harm. The story of Ydra Forest has ended. Lol.

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Nice :)

And does blights eggs run away when you kill the duo? Very low change to find one :'(

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:D i enjoyed this very much

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:applause: Nceee Nceee
I Love It

Don't want to draw any suspicion... but almost every post from you has a thanks from "InvalidName."

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Don't want to draw any suspicion... but almost every post from you has a thanks from "InvalidName."

I Just Wnt To Thanks Is That Something Wrong??

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Both Of You Type The Same Way...Sorry Just Suspicious :)

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Awesome story youve inspired me to write a story of my own xD haha

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Awesome!! I think they just drop locked,but its drop eggs too..