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09-28-2013, 08:02 PM
Please note that this is my first little imagination story for Arcane Legends. :) Happy reading all!

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(Himingleva as a child before she became one of the legendary heroes of Arlor)

Diary of Himingleva
Entry One
The Treasure

I stepped out onto the hot sand of the Kraken Pier (Paradise Pier). My house was up ahead of the magic portal. My house was so small. It could only hold 3 people's rooms, a kitcheh and a washroom
Well, it is small for my taste. You see, I used to live in Windmoore, and it was a great big city--until the pirates took over. My father and brother were killed. And so now as I walk over to the Square my mother's words came in my mind again... mother told me not to speak to anyone for they could be Booty Snatchers. (Scammers) But that never stops me.

Today, I have enough to take a Locked Grand Crate of The Watch. And my, my, enough Silver Coins (Platinum) to open one. Legend has it, one peice of Blackbeard's weapons are in here. I lug the bag with the chest in it to the far corner of the Pier. No one will notice here. I take a deep breath and open the chest, 50k gold, 50 platinum, and...Blackbeard's Nefarious Hooks are gleaming inside.

Wow. I should not tell mother this or anyone else. This is amazing! My future career of a TRUE ROGUE might actually begin! My mother forced me to stop adventuring at the lvl of 12, she said that was enough. But I know it isn't. And with the best weapons, I could adventure the seas!

Well diary, I will see you soon! And may the guardians of Arlor thank father for giving me this diary before he went with you.