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10-04-2013, 07:44 PM
I kinda wanted to send this anonymously or through private email but I couldn't find a way so ill risk the blowback from community members.

So the XPAC was fun but so easily and quickly beaten that your target customers (those who spend money on platinum) might have given you a quick and decent profit but not anywhere near what could be made off the programming and overhead involved.

I have many more suggestions that are probably more lucrative than the one I am about to give but again, I don't want to become a black sheep.

Create a dungeon with significantly more difficult bosses than you have ever used. I would go with 10 of them, each exponentially harder and with better gear (exclusive only to those bosses) and the last being beatable but only by a perfectly geared and skilled group using a perfectly performed strategy. If it was my game I would add a level 37 that takes twice as long or more to reach than any past level. This serves two purposes:

1. it will keep your most loyal players (the ones capped) busy for a LONG time while you create the next patch

2. once the new dungeon and gear is farmed it will be sold in your CS for ridiculous prices that players will buy platinum to be able to afford... giving you more income

Arena was a decent try but weak. You need a map... with mobs that take strategy to beat. Create a REAL endgame here that is based on skill, gear and practice rather than one that is just time and money. The more players you have competing for LB the more revenue you have. I understand you have many irons in the fire but I think you could realize a lot more profit in this particular game with some simple changes. I know the programming is a large investment especially developing new bosses instead of just being lame and using old ones like in arena but the investment to payout ratio is potentially very lucrative.


10-04-2013, 07:48 PM
Trust me, you're only going to be a "black sheep" among the player base that wants this game to be as easy as FarmVille. I love your idea, and support it.

10-05-2013, 03:38 AM
Plenty of members have been asking for truly challenging & fun maps/fights for quite some time now.

Arena is indeed a lame duck, as the environments feel as are the whole challenge, with the bosses otherwise being fairly simple without them.

We all just want awesome actual battles!