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10-08-2013, 09:01 AM

1. Making and changing bases is kinda hard to do with and takes more time to others who have many buildings already, so I suggest adding a new building called 'Base Planner', it's purpose is so you can easily change, arrange buildings and you get an overview of all buildings/decorations/traps you have on your base, every building have different size and colors in the Base Planner ofcourse and have some option that is already applied in-game like selecting row of walls also you can zoom-in to see it clearly. It should be available for DH 4-5 players, cause they have fewer buildings.

2. The only dragons that can defend are those dragons on your trbe lodge, and they can be lost in one single attack, so I suggest adding a new building again called Dragon Chamber, where you can choose a strong dragon, feed him and give him the highest level which can be 5, so let's talk about dragon. There should be 3 types of dragon which you can't train on Dojo, something unique, so there can be DPS dragon which has an average HP, a tanker which has huge HP but little damage, dragon which has equal stats (average HP and average damage), now let's talk about feed, so you can feed him by thousands of sheeps, every time you feed 5 times make him evolved into the same creature but different look and much cooler, but wait, you need to wait hours/minutes until you can feed him again, it depends on the level of the dragon. Example, for level 1, it will take 1 hour and next takes 2 hours etc. it depends on the devs. So that dragon can now defend your bases but when the dragon get damages, you need to pay with sheep (it depends on the damage taken by the dragon) and also, it takes time to be healed (you can speed it up with pearls). Also, they have favorite target too, DPS dragons targets everything (the nearest buildings/dragons on it) like a spitter, tanker which attacks Defence buildings first and multiple the damage it dealt to it and the dragon with equal stats attacks 2 possible buildings, resources and everything also. It's up to you.

3. This another building is similar to Temple of War but it doesn't upgrade the dragons in Dojo, perhaps it upgrades the dragons on the Dragon Chamber whick is called 'Dragons Reasearch Center', this building enables you to research advanced upgrades on you dragons on the Dragon Chamber like adding Heavy Armor, Rockets or if possible, making a dragon to be able to go invis (but shows when it goes near a dragon tower. It's some sort of technology.


3. The only thing that can damage dragons is the dragon towers and the dragons on the tribe lodge, what if there is an upgrade called 'Spike Barricades' which adds some spikes on the buildings and when the dragons attack it, they got a back damage.

So this will take long time to applied on the further next updates, these are just my suggestion and I hope I give you an idea, thanks for reading. I'm a Filipino and i'm sorry if my english is bad.

10-08-2013, 10:32 AM
Ojdb i see your visitor message, apply now, glad to have you in my side