View Full Version : *Suggestion* Custom units

10-12-2013, 01:55 PM
people are complaining about spiral and sh**

here is a solution for the problem and a way to make this game stand out of the crowd

let the player create custom units

how should this look like:

it starts with a unit that has

speed 1

dmg 1

hp 1

non flying

you have 10 free points to share

add speed/dmg/hp 1 point

add flying 3 point

add a dmg multiplyer 3 points

add a fav target 1 point

for example a wallbreaker would look like dmg multipler wall 3 points fav taget defense 1 point dmg 1 point hp 5 points

10-15-2013, 11:27 AM
I like this idea.

But, pathing for troops can still be improved.

I play both CoC and battle dragons. In CoC, the troops are much smarter about pathing. For example, if they are trying to dig through a wall, and some other troops are also digging through another wall, then when one set of troops gets through a wall, the others give up on their digging and join with the ones that made an opening. In BD, you get some stray units that will continue working on a wall untill they die, even if an opening is created near by.

And, the wall breakers work well, the way you would expect.