View Full Version : native x and trialpay

10-12-2013, 01:59 PM
They are our only options for so called "free" platinum can we please have tap joy on the list or a different company cause almost all nativeX offers and trialpay offers are if you buy something. This is not a rant I'm clarifying that now its just suggestive feedback... I wish to see the game progress in a more friendly atmosphere for paying and non paying members I buy platinum when I can cause I know it supports you all and the development of the game I'm just tired of feeling like I'm being scammed on some of the non mobile offers that are only being offered on well mobile I can't do MasterCard the sites not formatted for my phone and one offer simply says get a free credit score click the offer and boom they want your credit card number that's not safe information to give for a free credit report again this is not a rant its just a lot of suggestions and information. Thank you for reading have a great day :)