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10-13-2013, 12:02 AM
Once upon a time in the land of arlor there was a pet in Arcane Legends stable its name was Bloodhammer......Bloodhammer was a brother of the pet sharks Hammerjaw, and Ripmaw....Bloodhammer was mad and jealous of his brother sharks because Arlorians liked them better than him....One day when Bloodhammer was swimming in a river near windmoore city he overheard Arlorians talking about the Kraken Isles (The Birth Place Of His Brethren)....Bloodhammer came up with an idea to leave the stable and rule the Kraken Isles.....Guards of Arlor tried to stop Bloodhammer from escaping the stables but Bloodhammer's jealousy and madness made his powers stronger by the second....Bloodhammer finally overthrew the Guards of Arlor and fled to the Kraken Isles....He conquered all pirates and sharks and became their kings.....He is now known as Captain Bloodhammer......The End....43384

01-26-2014, 06:51 AM
Not bad but not the best prescriptive story :)

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LoL nice. :)

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Haha nice story

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Nice Story Dude :)

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Nice :)