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Once upon a time a evil mage named Poisonfang lived in the world of Arlor.....Poisonfang was knew by all of the Arlorians by his terrible hate for all Arlorians.....It was Halloween night....Poisonfang was brewing a potion to raise the dead so that he could destroy and enslave all Arlorians....Since it was Halloween night Poisonfang had some Halloween decorations set out everywhere.....Poisonfang had pumkins set out on his desk where he was brewing his potion.....Poisonfangs potion was finally finished.....A few mage children were standing outside trying to mess with Poisonfang.....All 5 of them at once clapped their hands together creating a huge thunder clap....(BOOM).....Everything started shaking like an earthquake.....Poisonfangs potion fell out of his hand right onto the pumpkin right onto his desk....Poisonfang yelled in anger! Ahhh! All of a sudden he seen a puff of smoke and he saw that his pumpkin had grew legs and standed up....It was alive!!! The pumpkin stepped forward to Poisonfang.....The pumpkin said "Run!"....Poisonfang told the pumpkin:You inferior lifeform I will destroy you right now!....The pumpkin hits Poisonfang and stuns him....The pumpkin Grabbs the rest of Poisonfangs potion and runs out of the door....The pumpkin keeps mummbleing "Ewen".....So thats what the pumpkin thinks his name is.....Ewen manages to get to the city of windmoore where there were hundreds of pumpkins lying around....Ewen dumped the whole bottle of the potion into the fountain in windmoore city.....A huge bright light lifted out of the fountain and the fountain started shooting out tiny raindrops everywhere onto all of the pumpkins....All the pumpkins came to life and have been loyal pets to all Arlorians ever since.....That was the story of Ewen.....43385

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Clever haha. You inferior = Ewen.

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Nice :D

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True story bro lol.