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Chapter 1 The Start Of The New Age-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Thunder boomed. The ferocious hurricane battered against the windows. The tall, mighty warrior sat cowering in his chair.

"I HATE thunderstorms," he whimpered.

The little blue creature, who was actually his magical little friend, chuckled sympathetically. Leaping down from his perch on the kitchen table, he said, "Aren't you supposed to be the mighty warrior?"

"L-leave me alone," he whimpered.

"Alright, alright," the mage grumbled, walking over to the windows, gazing out at the terrible storm wrecking Dansilville. Their little town was all boarded up, everyone inside, cowering from the terrible cyclone.

"Well, well, well," a voice said. "Looks like you too are awake!"

The warrior, whose name was Leon, glanced at the young woman who appeared in the doorway. "Oh, hey, Nora."

"Mm." Nora walked in, pulling a chair over. "Weird storm, isn't it?"

"Yeah," the mage agreed. "And--"

An explosion racked the old, wooden house. "What was that?" Leon asked, startled.

A troop of wicked-looking, disfigured goblins ran into the room, spears at the ready. "The master calls," one rasped.
The three of them fell backward. "WHAT?!"

The creatures leapt forward, silent and deadly.....The mage flung the nearest chair at the front monster, who deflected it. He grabbed the mage and threw him out to his fellow goblins who carried him away. Leon started attacking the goblins with his bare fists.

Nora broke off two chair legs and attacked. Whirling around like a miniature tornado, she managed to knock out two goblins before submitting. The goblins, whooping in triumph, carried the trio away before they could even scream.

Chapter 2 Saved Forever or Saved For Now?----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Leon opened his eyes. He stared up at the ceiling thoughtfully. "Must've been a dream," he reasoned. He sat up. "This room..."

"Ah, you're awake." An old man got up from his seat near the fire and walked over to Leon. "Your friends are sipping tea right now. Care to join them?"

Leon, who had leapt back in surprise at the old man's voice, peered closely at him. "What were those creatures?" he asked.

"Simple goblins," the old man said dismissively. "I'm Gustav, nice to meet you."

Leon looked over the old man again. Dressed in green robes with a green cap perched on his head, the old man looked like some old-fashioned medieval wizard.

"Nice to meet you too," Leon said. He rubbed his aching arms down. "Where am I?"

"You're in Arlor," Gustav said. "I found you three being carted away by the goblins, and so I rescued you."

"Wow." Leon stared at the man with a new interest. "You defeated them?"

"Easy," he said dismissively.

"When are we able to leave here and go back home?" Leon says to Gustav.

"Im afraid you and your friends cannot leave Arlor for a while...." Gustav replys....

"Why cant we leave this world anytime soon?" Says Leon....

"The goblins that kidnapped you and your friends were sent from someone to specifically kidnap you three". Gustav says in a worried voice.

"Your finally awake..." Says Nora while walking through the alongside the little blue mage named Gargamel.

"So what are we waiting for, lets go home..." Says Nora.

"Ummm...Uh...." Says Leon.

"Whats wrong?" Nora says.

(Gustav Explains What He Has Told Leon...)

"So were stuck here?!" Says Nora and Gargamel at the same time.

Chapter 3 Safe ,,Haven------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"Just until we find out who or what wants you and why" Gustav replies trying to sound comforting.

"In the meanwhile we must keep you safe." Gustav says to them all.

Four days went by, Gargamel and Nora were constantly getting into arguments.

A day later Gargamel was fed up and had enough with Nora! The mage lashed out and threw a fireball at her. Nora avoided the fireball thanks to her cat like agility. Gustav came running into the room and yelled: STOP! You cannot use your powers! The goblins can track you when you use your powers! What were---

A huge explosion appeared in the wall. (BOOM)! Nora was standing right next to the explosion so when the wall exploded Nora went flying to the other side of the room. Nora was barely hurt just stunned with a little fear.

It was the goblins! Gustav told the three heroes to run into the other room but they wouldnt budge. They knew they had to stay and help. The mage grabbed an ARCANE looking gun from a show case and started throwing ice balls everywhere. The rogue seen a ARCANE bow that was glowing lime green hanging on the side of the wall. The warrior seen an amazing ARCANE maul that was in the hands of a statue of a warrior.

Together they all deafeated the goblins and held all three of the goblins captive...

Chapter 4 Never Trust A Goblin ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The first chubby goblin awoken, soon after the skinny one, and the disfigured one awoke also.
Gustav says: Ah, Ive seen you've awoken.
The goblins all pointed their staffs at the cell door, then they started chanting and all 3 goblins swung their staffs at the door, nothing happened.
All the goblins looked at the staffs in mystery.
The chubby goblin says: What have you done to our staffs!
Gustav says: I have done nothing at all.
The chubby goblin says: Then why is our staffs powerless!?!.
Gustav says: That cell that your in neutralizes all powers.
Gustav says: Now tell me, what do you want with those defenseless people?
The skinny goblin says: Why would we tell you a thing?
Gustav says: because if you don't I'll turn you three into ribbits.
The skinny goblin says: Your bluffing...
Gustav points at the chubby goblin and says: From goblin, to gold, to an ugly, old, toad, changeus inforium!
With a bit of green old smoke the goblin was transformed into a ugly old toad or what Arlorians call "Ribbits"
Gustav then says: Do I look like I'm bluffing now?
The skinny goblin says: No sir..
Gustav says now tell me what you want with those defenseless people..
The skinny goblin says: I'll tell you it in your ear, come closer.
Gustav moves closer to the cell door.
The goblin grabs Gustav's wand and with a flick Gustav is turned into a terrible grimm reaper.
Chapter 5 The Evil Unleashed--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Upstairs the trio heard a huge boom.
The goblin had blasted down the basement door.
The trio ran to where the blast had came from.
The trio stopped in their tracks once they seen the goblin slowly emerging from the basement.
With a flick of Gustavs wand the goblin tried to turn them into dust, but luckily the mage jumped in front of the magic before it hit Nora.
Right before the magic hit Gargamel he casted his shield, he hadnt been affected by the magic of the wand.
After seeing that the he couldnt stop them by using magic the goblin conjured a dagger and flew it straight at the mage.
The warrior knew that his little magical friend could be injured.
He casted his healing power, luckily his healing power could form as a shield, that wouldnt take in any damage.
All of a sudden, the goblin started chanting, the three watched in fear, they didnt know what would happen.
Then, out of nowhere the trio seen a terrible grim reaper forming right next to the goblin.
The goblin yelled: Seize them!
The terrible grim reaper (Gustav) had no control over his actions.
The grim reaper threw a shadow ball at Gargamel.
Leon jumped in front of his magical little friend and got hit by the shadow ball.
A huge dark orb surrounded Leon.
The dark orb surrounding Leon looked like it absorbed right into him.
Once Leon fully absorbed the dark orb he fell to the ground, passed out.
Chapter 6- The Rule Of The Goblins--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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