View Full Version : Ranger best build

10-21-2013, 06:24 AM
Many player choose to spend all points in dex because they only see the high crit chance and the hit chance.They did not see the dodge chance.
For me I will spend about 160 in str and the rest to the dex.It have balanced dodge,crit and hit chance.

Equipment just buy any powerful dex set and buy the str set too.
The dex set offer more crit and hit chance but low in dodge chance.
The str set offer balanced crit and dodge chance but medium hit chance.

So up to your playstyle to choose between str/dex or dex.

But for PVP I recommend to equip dex for weapon and str for armor because have more dodge and health.

The skill I using is:
Rabid bite=rank 1
Vixen kick=rank 1 or 9
Poison needles=rank 9
Evade=rank 9
Fury=rank 0
Hamstring=rank 9
Poison darts=rank 9
Hypnotize=rank 9
Rage tonic=rank 9
Bandage=rank 0 or 9 (according to your playstyle)
Armor shredder=rank 9

Do the main combo then pull then push and do the main combo
Dont forgot to use buff

Hope this work to all player