View Full Version : Locked Grand Crate events

10-27-2013, 05:28 PM
Hello everyone i have a helpful suggestion I think for devs to consider. In regards to events when things are added to locked crates such as the halloween mythics this week. I have noticed as everyone else has that not many people are opening locked for these items during this event (maybe i am mistaken) but its my observation as locked crates prices have actually dropped since before this event. I believe there a multiple factors for this and they effects sts wallet as well as the in game economy. My proposed solutions to make these events better in the future are as follows #1. Make the items released thru the locked crates as esthetically pleasing as possible via the way the look and special effects i have heard many people say to me that the new halloween myth weapons are ugly, personally i don't think so but i know many others do feel this way. I am sure u guys and gals at sts worked very hard on those and i do appreciate so not meant as a bash...... more as feedback #2 Now this personally i believe to be a great idea on how to make sts's plat sales increase during events as well as to help the in game economy as well. Every locked event when new items are released from locked i believe there should ALWAYS be a plat sale as well side by side hand in hand. Cheaper plat = more sales for you because people are more likely to buy and in turn they will open more locked during these events also helping the in game economy because locked sales would rise similar to the last mythic weekend. Now i know i dont have access to this type of information as far as sales of plat during plat sales/ locked events, compared to sales of plat during non plat sales/ locked events. All i am proposing is that someone with access to this type of information look into what i am saying ( im sure you devs already have but just in case ). Thank you sts for this great halloween event.....like Mcdonalds........I'm loving it Have a nice day :)