View Full Version : Elite Gears balance opinion

10-29-2013, 12:48 PM
Elite gears:
Mighty berserker and mighty juggernaut - Warrior

As we all know this is the strongest gear for lvl 15 to 16 (might as well in lvl 20 to 23 not sure thou). Of course this is great, I would definitely want to have one but the PROBLEM is this... It's very rare and no longer be dropped in elite maps.. Only few have these, the only chance we can have it is if those player quit playing or want to play in higher level and so they sell it.. Only rare chances they sell these gears and if that happen it's overprice reaching more than 2m for the armor alone... I'm getting frustrated looking for one...

How can the game be balanced if these gears exist and you stopped creating new one which have equal stat to these? I'll take the chance to hunt for it even if only low chance to have it as long as it still exist or new look perhaps... Those players who have these are dominating in the field and we all know these gears are overpower..

Make the game balance coz its not fair and fun...

I know player who has these gear will be against in my statement.. IDC, I just want a fair and balance game.... Create gears equal to these stat, whether only be dropped in elite maps or found in crates it doesn't matter...

Hope STS will listen to my concern..

Thanks and Godbless