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11-01-2013, 10:01 AM
Hello guys, I saw samhayne reply to the other thread i made which is designs (1)
and ive got other ideas that i hope might help for the other updates
well rogues are sneaky right? so i called this myself (The Dark Assassin)
what about a hood and the hair goes from behind the hood (pony tail)
Then like red glowing eyes when the player wears it (again only for rogue) also its black depends if you want it to be lined on the sides with dark colors
then black armor that looks like red founder (again) but without the shape that lets the body be shown its covered then it has like scale lines detailed on it then black gloves and with black boots with like black stockings
then the weapon sharp looks like the new weapon released but dousent mostly look like the grim reaper style
then glows red with black smoke

This is what i thought of for sorces i called this (orb master) ill just update the armor on designs 3 also you could think of a better name..
so they use Arcane magic and when i saw shuyal i had an idea especially the color purple lol
so i thought of a circlet that has purple gems on the back front and the sides and is floating from the sorcs head
(I know this purple idea might not be comfortable for guys or boys)
then a wand that is purple so which the stick looks like this -------- then theres a gem there looks like a star then has floating little stars around it i also thought of a diamond shape where in there are also floating little shaped diamonds around the big diamond which also glows by the way
i havent thought of the armor
then a ring that eventually is a orb so if you wear this the sorc is suppose to be sticking his hand out like this -----imagine its a hand lol so the orb is also purple and has glowing little sparks around it and it floats plus it glows a bit
and it turns around the amulet is also a orb so the orbs are around the characters back so one on the other side and one on the other side and the style is also what i told about the one at hand
thats my idea for sorc

well warrior...
i dont think its great but here it is i havent thought of a name so i would pick from the persons who suggest a name
which is cool for it
for the head it is a circlet that has sharp styles on the edges so its silver also it glows white
and a chestplate that is silver like what the gladiators wear but glows white like a knight in shining armour lol
and has leather strips wrapping the arms making a glove and silver boots which is made of iron and also shins or glows white and the weapon i thought of 3 one is sword and shield secondly something that looks like a polerarm
third a large sword so theyre all silver and looks simple but i thought of adding some extra sharp edges on the polerarm but the others not also they all glow

Thats All, Hope these designs help on the other updates

11-01-2013, 10:51 AM
pffft i cant even think of the armour..