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11-01-2013, 11:46 PM
The Underpuppies
Once in the realm of Arlor existed
A young blue frog, known as Sparky.
Day and night his twine he twisted,
Forging a weapon he called 'Barky'.

This weapon was, of course, mythical
Not least because of its ridiculous name,
But because of the fact that it was quite lyrical
It could cut throats with unerring aim.

Sparky thought he could never win in PvP
Fighting the rogues that owned his blue butt,
Who snuck up on him when he was peeing.
But he knew he would someday become strong and rebutt.

Finally Barky was ready,
And eagerness it didn't lack
Barking in eagerness and jumping about,
it sure didn't look very steady!

But its mythical-ness proved true in battle,
He snuck up on the rogues and bashed their teeth out
To be sure, they were quite rattled!
At last, Sparky had made his name and proved his mettle!

And thus the story of our hero draws to a close
With his staff he made from a roll of twine
He became Arlor's greatest hero
And finally, at last, did he doze.


Therein lay the underdogs - or the underpuppies - of Arlor: Sparky and his Barky.
So how was it? :D


Okay, that scrap of poetry up there may not be very good but hey, at least I tried! ;)

11-02-2013, 12:15 AM
Hehe.. Nice! :D