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11-07-2013, 08:45 PM
A Guide to Str Ranger (PvP)
By: Peanutbritle
A quick Thanks to all those that support me in pl: Corresponding, Xxpwningxx, Doubledribble, Vampyrpro, Immortalkillr, Dohvakiian(and his many "doh" alts :P), Cookies, Usabainik, Kochuanfang, and many more I can't thank enough for helping me :)

This is my first guide so I apologize if it's a bit rough but I will try my best for all you ranger fans! ;)

Table of Contents
I. Description of Vixen Ranger
II. Is Vixen the right PvP class for you?
III. What Lvs are Best for Vixen PvP?
IV. Skills and Descriptions
V. Recommended skill map and "Must Need" skills.

I. Despription of the Str Vixen Ranger

The strength vixen ranger has all the up-sides of the ranger, high damage and kill opponents quickly. Traditionally the Vixen is dex, however I believe that if the skills take u towards the enemy, should u be strength? :D With Strength ranger you will have the damage of a bird with the health of a mini tank.

II. Str PvP fox (dex/str hybrid) is for players who want high damage and a little more than decent health. This is my favorite form of PvP Vixen because a dex ranger doesn't have the armor or str to not kite and the dex/intel build is too squishy for PvP. :(

III. Now on to what lvs to use the str pvp fox. My personal favorite is lv 66. This is because birds aren't overly powerful with their damage and 66 gear compared to 61 is no competition. (Unlike 25-30) Also, I would recommend tiki but if u have angel, USE IT. The op regen with angel makes the str fox hard to kill while your cutting and slashing doing u from 200-350 damage with your skills!

IV. (all advise is based on 66 pvp) A quick way to find what it a skill should be at your lv is to find the ratio from skill to skill. Any questions PLZ ask in replies :)


Rabid bite is a great skill to have. I recommend it to be lv 9 due to its high damage and the higher your overall combo is, THE BETTER :)


Vixen Kick this skill makes u leap towards the foe causing massive damage. This skill has a unique flexibility. You can keep it lower at 5, or max it out, or whatever u want. Change it depending on your play style!


Poison Needles. This skill especially is over lved up! This skill should NOT be maxed. I would say a maximum of 6 to give decent damage and keep those pesky birds from running away ;)


Evasion. Obviously for u experienced PvPers, or if you're new to PvP, this skill is a must have max. Now a bit of questions are surrounding this skill. This skill is the only skill u have to unstun yourself from root, hs (hell scream) etc. I advise using this to buff. NOT TO WAIT AND UNSTUN. This skill is by far the best dodge buff in the game. Yes, better than the birds. It applies a massive amount of armor and dodge. And with a faster regen time than any other, this skill is essential to a ranger.


This is where it gets tricky. U can max it if u want. I but I HIGHLY advise u not to. This is because you want to save those skill points for other skills that will be mentioned later. I would advise 5-6 on this skill. (Fury isn't worth wasting your skill points on.


This is the second bam to your combo. This provides stun chance and helpful debuffs. Again not worth maxing. Maybe 4 I would say. No Lower than 2 and no higher than 5


This is a highly effective skill in that it is designed for pvp. A single target death machine. At lv 1 with lv 66 tiki set. This skill deals more than 200 damage! I would suggest that u upgrade it to 3-4 to keep the birds from kiting and easy damage.


This is where I advise your skill points to go. This skill "shreds" the opponents armor away making it essential for fox. Plz plz max this for ultimate success!


If u can at your lv, this is a great skill to max, when your a str fox, your in close so this skill will deal a handsome amount of damage followed by a complementary debuff.


A DO NOT GET SKILL! This skill is useless for pvp because as soon as you are hit, the healing stops. To clarify what It does, it heals a base amount (small) and heals half of that amount on your health AND mana but the healing stops once you are hit. This Isn't good for pvp tho.


Do what suits you with this skill. I suggest 5-6 if u can because it's nice to make sure people can't kite u so easy :)


This skill you have to max by lv 50 pvp. NO MATTER WHAT! This skill gives free easy damage. Can it get any better? :)

You can thank me later but this is my personal skill mapping ;)


This allows me to use my combo easily and all my buffs are on the side. Also, I just put my miscellaneous skills in the middle. May just be me :) (Must need skills: Evasion, Rage tonic, rabid bite) ;)

Hope the guide helped you fellow ranger lovers who wanna take it to pvp! Any questions, just ask below! Ty for reading :)


11-08-2013, 11:20 PM
I kinda like rabid bit at one for the dash in CTF and escape when you are running out of health. On the positive note, you did an excellent job for a first-timer. Keep up the good work!

11-09-2013, 11:28 AM
Thanks! And yes, this is just my personal preference for my pvp play style. Many other people have told me that they prefer 1 rabid bite. Thanks for the input!

11-09-2013, 02:06 PM
yup yup. Np!

11-19-2013, 10:00 PM
:) cya ig