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11-14-2010, 09:36 AM
Well, i've just started playing Pocket Legends, and i need some help on being what kind of bear. I've been playing with my family and cousins (total 4 people) and we played because the game was unique and we could play and farm together. I'm currently level 11, and here are my questions:

1. Which is better? DexBear, or IntBear? I want to be able to tank and pvp well.

2. If i were to be a DexBear, how should i add my stat points? I want to be good in PvE AND PvP.

3. Same as Q. No 2, except it's for IntBear this time.

4. What's a BowBear? Is it a bear that can equip a BOW and use it? Is it good for tanking?

5. Is platinum items worth it?

6. Is adding 15 int to get 1 M/s worth it?

That's all (i think). I'll post more questions if i have any.

Basically, i want a build that can tank AND pvp well, as i play with my family and relatives. Please post HOW to achieve that build, e.g 3 str and 2 dex per level, what skills to add, and (preferably) equipments.

11-16-2010, 05:16 PM
Hm i havnt heard you mention normal bear, so i guess you understood wrong.
Dex bear is a bear that have mainly dex and use dex gear only, they are the best in pvp. While leveling, just get enough dex for for your gear in that level, and then put the rest in str.
Int bears are bears that chose int as main stat and use a staff. Good for low lvl pvp and are rly bad later on. Since you are new, you should not consider this.
There is also the normal bear that have mainly str. This is the only option if you want to tank, but is unsuccesful in pvp. Go either full str or get str enough for your gear and rest dex. Prefered gear is a shield and a one handed weapon, but a 2-h weapon can do at lower levels.
Bowbeats are practically the same as dexbear, but at higher levels its a bear with a Sunblessed Bow of The Void.

11-16-2010, 05:22 PM
1. I love dex bears they are quality for pve and pvp int bears no only good at low level
2.all on dex just makes you hit more dps and crit
3. Can answer don't use int bears :(
4. A bow bear is dex until you can hold best item then all on str usually uses 2 handed dex weapons because of lower armour it's good to have more hp etc
5. No only at low lvl like 10-20 for the items with 1 m/s and h/s other wise no. Nothing above 25 is worth it
6. Depending on your gear if u have gear that gives 1 m/s don't waste ur stat points also 12 str gives 1 h/s

11-17-2010, 09:28 PM
Uhm.... so what are BowBears... I quite really understand you guys.... When you guys say 'Dex Gear', do you mean for example Bows? Do BowBears and DexBears BOTH wear bows and stuff? If they do, then what's the difference between them? And where do you find Dex Gear then?