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Once upon a time in the world of arlor there was a man named Thomas.
Thomas was the brother of Klutus, or as some of you may know, the man that was transformed into a troll in Ydra Forest.
Thomas looked for a way to change his brother back into a human.
He has made a potion where if the potion gets poured onto a troll it will turn it to human, but if it was to touch a human the human would turn into a troll.
Once Thomas finished pouring the potion into a vial he went out searching in Ydra Forest for his brother.
Thomas searched Ydra Forest for hours.
When Thomas was about to give up he heard a ghostly shriek.
Thomas creeped around the corner, he seen Bequila staring straight at him.
He came out into the open, Bequila said: You have some gutts coming here.
Thomas said: Wheres my brother?
Bequila gave a evil chuckle.
All of a sudden Thomas seen himself flying across the dirt.
His brother Klutus, had hit him with his club.
When Thomas hit the ground he heard a crack, he looked at his satchel and seen that the potion had broken.
The potion had touched his arm, therefore he was transformed into a troll like his brother.
Bequila knew that they had no chance against Thomas now that he was a troll. She cast a spell, which created a huge portal out of nowhere.
She commanded her husband Klutus to hit his brother into the swirling portal.
With one swift hit of his club Thomas went flinging through the portal.
Thomas now lives alone in a dimension where Arlorians go and fight with each other.
Thomas is now called Trulle by all of the Arlorians.
The end!

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Very Nice!!

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