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12-23-2013, 01:09 PM
Shadow here, im just here to clear up stuff people may or may not know about the rhino.

1. Summon

People may think summon is useless, theyre right..well almost. Summon can be combined with redemption to make Juiced combo, which is the same combo as Charge and Redemption. It can be useful when your charge is cooling down, and combo does almost exact same combo dmg, I have tested it. It also hits more often, given that charge has a bit knockback, making opponent about 5m away from you, where redemption is 4m.
Those who wonder if the dodge or h/s stacks, no, it does not stack, leaving it about useless, rank 6 having -12 dodge.
Also, people think the dmg stacks if you use Summon, Charge, then redemption, or Charge Summon redemption. It is not true. I have tested it, it does no extra dmg.

2. Brute Force
Many people think Vital and Brute force remove each other fully, but they don't. You can refer to Gragoraks guide on how to stack force buffs.
Each time you rank it up, it gives 1 more dodge, which is 7 dodge at rank 6..not very useful. However, in some lower levels, the +5 armor is useful, and does not go up when ranked.
If you hadn't read Gragoraks guide, then i'll tell you part of it. The party buff also applies to you, so if you use Brute, then Vital, you will recieve the armor, the hit, and the dmg, which leaves out the useless dodge.

3. Holy Tempest

Through my experience, i've seen holy tempest having a chance to stun. I dont know the exact %, but it could be same % for the -hit (rank 6 is 45% for -30 hit, so maybe 45% for stun..but I dont know.) It can be useful in cases, like when you're charging down, use holy tempest, blows them away, but makes them stun.
Ive noticed birds and dex mages trying to move after I use it, able to attack but not move. Maybe a bit of root and sometimes stun.

So there's it, I cleared up some stuff, and said stuff people may have not known. Thanks for reading. -Shadowstar

12-25-2013, 05:29 AM
Nobody really looks in this section doe.. You should put this in general..

But anyways, gj doe.

Here's a thank.

12-26-2013, 02:28 PM
Nobody really looks in this section doe.. You should put this in general..

But anyways, gj doe.

Here's a thank.
Ik for a fact I will get flameeedddd. But whatever.

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