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12-29-2013, 03:01 AM
Back when I was a big noob (around 7 months ago), I felt like Im always broke, and the boss fights are too hard. I quitted so many times that I created 4 accounts in total just to lvl up to 19 and rage quit because there is no gold in my pocket, I totally ran out of potions, and there are no daily quests that gives enough gold for potions (from what I remember I only got rememberance and black hearts and a quest from the dragon in rooks nest). At that time I didnt even know about the cs so I used epic items all the way, thats why it was so costly, and I felt that I can never gets good.

When I saw (quite a lot) people in towns asking for few thoundsands of gold and has no good equip, it reminded me about my story. I think they were just asking gold for potions, because they didnt know about cs so they cant get any low level legendary items to perform better, and were feeling what I felt about the game. It would aid them a lot if there was an npc in towns that gives limited free potion, even a small amount can be enough because I always avoided using potions by using heal skills.

Basically I think we can take away the potions reward from Shazbot/Klaas and make another npc in towns that we can go to and get random amount of health/mana potions, only potions. The amount may be 5/15/25/50. It shouldnt be 100 because that would be too much when you can still get another elixir from klaas, but it can be added with low chance too :) It wont be abused because potions cant be traded/stashed :)

whats your idea on this? :)

12-30-2013, 12:08 PM
I somewhat agree! Gold is even worse at higher levels in elite when you're the unlucky one getting no drops from the maps run after run and potion costs are running a 20k tab a day! People ask me why I do daily quests still, because if you do them all, you can at least cover half that cost :(