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It isn't famous for what it means- it could mean anything.
But stuff isn't just an indirect word.
Sometimes it is an elf with a name called Stuff.

Stuff's parents were nice and kind, and were about to sit down to dinner when their un-named daughter said her first word- STUFF. They were so happy . So that's what they named her- their little Stuff. But Stuff wasn't always known for her cuteness. She had an uncontrolable force of nature- ice, fire and forest were fused into her at birth.
Naturally, word got around Alterra. And FAST. News channels were calling her "The baby wonder" for her amazing ability to heal others. If someone got a papercut in her kindergarten art class, ahe would be there to make it better. If her mother got a bad pinch from sewing, she would heal it.
But she had no idea what she was capable of. One day she came home from high school covered in bruises.
Her parents went over to her to check on her. And her father seemed to know who they were? The Bear Boys. The meanest, toughest warriors on Alterra High School. If they weren't in detention, they were in their house getting a good scolding.
So at school the next day, Stuff did what she thought was right.

20 years later, she stood by the Bear Boys' tombstones.
Her parents died from age days ago, so she went to their graves next. She did what she hadn't done all her life- she cried. Then seeked help.
The only one she trusted now was at Balefort Castle, in the highest floor.
She stepped onto the floor. All four Alterran Guardians twisted their heads to look at her.
"Who are you?" Asked the first one, Samhayne.
"Maybe a traveler?" Delphina, the secone one, said.
"Maybe the king's daughter?" Asked Bilaxman, the third one. "She looks enough to be so."
"Silence." The fourth one said this simply.
"Yes, JustG," said Samhayne.
He walked towards Stuff with caution. He realized who she was, and then strode over for a hug. "Stuff, my dear, how have you been doing?"
"Definitely could be doing better," she replied.

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