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The heroes of Arlor after defeating the evil wizard tarlok thought the dreadful portals around thier world had been sealed forever but they were wrong.
Out of the portals just before the evil wizard was definately defeated a cannibal tribe, the evil dragkins, and the king of all dragons, Rendtail managed to escape from the evil dimension invading Arlor and swearing to take our heroes heads.
The enemies seem stronger (rendtail), evil(dragkin) and sexy(dragkin queen) than never before, will our heroes survive this time?

After defeating the lord of dragons rendtail and capping to level 41 you can access the new skills and seize the power of a dragon king in your hands.

Dragon Fury:
The rogue focus and incarnalates the power of Rendtails rage on his weapon.
37.5mana,30sec cd, +25dex, 25% to proc flame doing additional damage.

-increase damage by 15%.
-increase critical chance by 10%.
-increase duration by 5s.
- 10% of damage dealth is added to your health.


Dragon scale:
The war skin becomes as hard as the scales of the dragon king.
21.5mana,30sec cd, +25 str neglects 10% of incoming damage.

- increase damage by 15%
- increase armor by 10%
- increase duration by 5sec
- charging the skill taunt enemies around you.


Dragon flames:
The mage focus and covers its body with the devouring heat of rendtail flames.
116 mana,30s cd,+25int, Health regeneration increase by 15%.

- 10% chance of reflecting incoming damage.
- 15% of incoming damage assorbed by mana.
- Increase damage by15%
- Increase duration by 5sec


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