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01-21-2014, 03:07 PM
A warrior was strolling in the park,
all alone and without a reason.
Walking with his emotions so dark,
he thought this just isnt his season.

Everyday he would return home,
his feelings so deprived.
Everyday he would return alone,
wishing he hadnt survived.

He would eat his mutton,
and drink his tea.
Once it pops (his bellybutton),
He'd make his plea.

"Please, my lord,
I need your help.
Give me your word,
And i wont yelp.

I need to be free from this.
I wish to have my own.
Please give me bliss.
I need my heart to be sewn."

Weeks later, a rogue moved in.
She moved in next-door.
She seemed to be free of sin,
And she looked to be poor.

The warrior was relaxing after a war,
Sitting at home, the door began to call.
At the door, was the girl-next-door.
She was pretty, tan, and a little tall.

She said "Hey, I'm new around here,
And i dont know what to do.
Can you show me around, my dear,
And spare a gold coin or two?"

The warrior stood for a second and said
"Yes! Of course I'll be your guide!"
So the two set off, with happiness ahead,
and the warrior's depression set aside.

Months would pass,
their hearts would grow.
Sharing a bond that lasts,
Even when times go slow.

All of a sudden, the rogue finds another.
She unexpectedly falls in love.
It happens to be the warrior's brother.
He stole her heart like a dove.

The warrior begins to cry.
Once again he's all alone.
His love was stolen by a fox so sly.
His heart needs to be sewn.

Weeks would pass without word.
The warrior grew hopeless.
His crying, by everyone, was heard,
His heart was a total mess.

One day, he sees the rogue crying.
He runs out to her side.
Her heart appeared to be dying,
Looking so alone inside.

She said "My love broke my heart.
My heart is now a hole.
From this world, i should depart.
I want to release my soul."

The warrior stepped back,
And from deep inside
In his heart-now-cracked,
"I love you" he replied.

Shocked, she was without say,
those words ending her pain.
A smile wiped her tear away,
and her heart stopped the rain.

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Nice poem
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Nice poem


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Nice one mate

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Very nice poem. We'll done

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Nice poem grats

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Wow nice poem