View Full Version : Pvp :0/

01-27-2014, 09:23 PM
Good evening! Wow sorry to bother you again but I could not write to you again. It's nice that last night was indeed an upgrade but you would not be so good and you would not return to the old regime PVP! When the self HQ7 and difficult fights me all the time when you opponents of HQ8 and strong enough eventually have to give at least 50 times next :( I'm from alliance CZ-SK and we 9 from around the world and try to assign the above but in a way we it can hardly manage to score us feels like if somebody was throwing obstacles in their way so that we could above. Likewise, last time I begged you to add the Czech and Slovak flags, and so far nothing has happened and I think when you look at my money transfers for diamonds noting it could happen. game I really enjoyed but lately I feel with it and stop other players what I know and already in play rather inactive players (zombies) and if so will go on, I think, of them will always accrue only a pity that otherwise would have been before the great games. So thank you and I'm sorry. Goodnight. :0/

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