View Full Version : PvP Matchups, Guardian Not Working

01-29-2014, 03:24 PM
My tribe members and I have been noticing some quirks with the PvP matchups and guardians not working.

As far as the matchups go, when we initiate the match, we're being paired up with people ridiculously lower than us in every way: Trophies, resources, level, everything. We can cycle through matchups by the dozens and never get any matchup that's anywhere near what we have in trophies, resources or level. When others attack us, it seems to work the same for the attackers. Someone who has a few hundred trophies, a few hundred thousand in resources and around level 7 gets repeatedly attacked by people with thousands of trophies, several levels higher and millions of resources. It really makes the game pointless to play when the Story levels don't supply anywhere near enough resources to build up, the resources we accrue just by waiting on mines/barns get snaked by a ridiculously overpowered attacker and there are no resources to get from other players we're matched up with to attack.

As far as Guardians go, I was playing shortly before I went to bed last night. At the time, I had a Guardian with 14 hours left on its timer. I checked shortly after I woke up this morning and I had been attacked 9 hours prior to that point. So around the time I fell asleep, someone attacked me while I had a Guardian with 10+ hours left on it.

02-17-2014, 09:32 AM
for me it works 100% of the time, it has to be that you intentionally break the guardian.