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01-30-2014, 09:07 AM
Oce upon On Time in Golde age On Arlor Life a Man Hes is UllerHis Life for a farmer from Nord (Before Become To Legends).With hes Family.But Some time on Nord On Mt.Spy a Monster army of Grimm Attack hes Village.the Family of Uller Die but Uller Save on Tragedy Because hes Hide in store of Grains.Looking That's Uller Promise for hes self and he said "I Promise.i must kill all of enemy of arlor including Grimm".
thencen Uller Become to Warrios Join Army Of Nord "Reserver Army Squad"The Squad for Service a Arlor.
Because Uller is the Strongest From The army.Uller Has Promotion by King of nord To Be Warlord Of Nord .on The day After Battle on Kragg city hes requested by The Heroes of Legends "Vili,Himingleva"To Join the Guild of The Legends "The Heroes of the Legends".But Uller Reject the Requested Hes cry he Remember of the Family on Nord To Crush Grimm Army.But Something crossed on mind to join back to Heroes of Legends He think if hes join he can Revenge to Grimm Fast Because assisted by Villi and himingleva.To be Revenge to Grimm.on Time in Big Battle to Kills Grimm hes Sacrifice for kill hes self use Power Of Light can Destroy 1 World But the Skill need Sacrifice thats The use Skill Must Die To Open gate of Light Power.After thats The Tombs of Uller Have 1 Secreat Thats Glepnir Jewels of power to open Portal of Shuyal Were Life Anciets Power Of Heroes of Legends.
To Be Continued

01-31-2014, 03:48 AM
Nice story