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Hey, Rplz here. Welcome to my shop. I will be selling forum signature for gold in pocket legends. Im a Freelance Graphic Designer and have recently made a deviant art ( http://bowersgraphics.deviantart.com/ )so if you want to check out of any of my work please be sure to check it out. I mainly focus on photo-manipulation but have skills with photoshop and making signatures is just another thing i could do to improve my skills.


The price will only effect the time from order, to you receiving your product. It will not change the amount of effort put into the art. But may effect total time spent.
Prices start at 50k.
-For 50k the signature will be complete and ready for collection within 3-7 days after order has been accepted.
-For 100k the signature will be complete *guaranteed* within 48 hours off or you get the signature 50% off.
All money will be payed after being showed the signature (with watermark) before getting the downloadable version which you can then use on the forums.

This is what i need from you, if you are purchasing a signature.

Wording *options marked, are completely optional*
-Names Of Character(s) Wanted (inc; Posistion, Size[scale], Font*)
-Guild* (inc; Name, Rank*)
-Motto* (inc; Motto, Posistion, Size[scale], Font*)

-Colour, please leave me the hex code of what colour you want (Need the hex code? Check here: http://www.colorpicker.com/ [The number above the selector, followed by the #, is what i need.])
-Fill, i need to know if you want a solid fill, or a type of gradient. See spolier below

-Foreground Image, position and size needed. (These will need to be sent to me using mega.co.nz)
-Character image, position and size needed. (Same as above)
-Extra information, this can be anything. The greater depth you give me. The better it will be.


I will take donations of items if you cannot afford the money i completely understand. After ordering here on the forums add me in game through the name: Tinytinymage. When your signature is complete will firstly reply to you here on this post. Then contact you in game. After approval i will send you the download after receiving the money.

Thanks for reading!

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Good luck!