View Full Version : My Spike/Shield Ranged Tank

05-05-2010, 03:30 PM
This is what my bow warrior does in his spare time. I actually got the gear for another character then tried slapping it on the bear. The end result doesn't do as much damage as a bow warrior or have as much armor as a conventional tank but it occupies an interesting middle ground. Gear:

Conqueror's Frosty Wing
Sniper's Ice Spike
Sniper's Bone Tunic
Burglar's Penguin Cap



Rage, Iron Blood:


Different wing shield, more health regen, less crit and dodge:


Over all, it's an extremely survivable build with good armor, regen and dodge. The 7 h/s has proven to be overkill so I'm running with the Conqueror's at the moment. I'm still waiting to see how armor, dodge and the like function in PvP. Until then, this is mostly an easy means of farming when I don't feel like paying much attention.