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Ever since the battle of Arlor, Alterra was a fallen and in a year, they had uncovered new lands! They went from up to a snowy land to a volcano land. But no one had discovered it...
The Arlorian overlord was banished to Alterran prison for 40 years, but broke free...

"Mom! I'm ready for school!"

Juke was a normal rhino. Rhinos and foxes had settled into Alterra. He was just finishing putting the last mute sign on a billboard, but then a storm broke. He rushed inside and started to rapidly hit the attack button on Pocket Legends. He had made a rhino, just like him!
"No!" A fire monster killed his character.
Suddenly, the ground started to shake. A vortex appeared and Juke was sucked in.
He stopped screaming whem he realized where he was. He also stopped because he was in Balefort Castle, and lots of merchants and buyers were staring at him. But a voice seemed to whisper "This way." and so he followed the distant hum. The hum got louder and louder, until he opened the doors to the main tower.
Inside was a statue. There were 10 boxes. Regular cardboard boxes. "Ah!" He picked one up and shook it. It exploded into a cloud of smoke.
"Ahh! I didn't mean any harm! I just wanted to-"
"Silence!" The figure reached a empty, dark hand at him. This suddenly formed into a warm, hand on the shoulder, and a warm smile came from the face.
"Thanks," said Juke. "Now you must tell me... who the heck are you?"
"Exactly why I called all the rhinos and foxes here today. They just setteled in, and they need a guide to Alterra. But I summoned you here in particular for reasons we will discuss afterwards. Now have a seat in the main room with the others."
He walked back and was greeted to a silent crowd of foxes and rhinos. Some looked scared, and some looked ok. He took a seat next to a fox in blue clothing. "Hi." said the fox.
"You here for the seminar as well?"
"Yeah. I'm new here also."
The figure bursted out from the curtains, wearing a sparkling gray and black suit. Five other people on stage wore the same.
"Hello! And welcome to the New People Seminar! You might be wondering who I am!"
"Yes" they all said in unison with no enthusiasm at all.
"Well, I am Justg, and-"
Something clicked in Juke's mind. This was... him? No. Not the person who was hated by his family. Not the person who everyone at the other game companies hated. Not the one his family trained him to hate.
Juke raised his hand. "Yes?" Justg said at him.
"I was trained to hate you..." Juke said sadly, even as he was friendly to him "So I have no choice but to do this."

The seminar was ended quickly, and Juke was banished to the Alterran prison- for life. When his family came to pay a short 5-minute visit, he simply said, "Get away from me. I never should have listened to you."
This time, a very angry Justg visited. At least angry was what Juke expected. Instead he was sympathetic.
"Look, Juke," he said. "I am sorry they trained you to hate me. They came to me to add another life sentence to your paper because of what you said. But I denied, and semt them back home."
"Yes. And I have made the desicion to let you free, and to take this off your record. It was not your fault you attacked me."
He sighed. "So what now?"
"How about joining our elite warrior group?"

Two of the five warlords greeted Juke at the base of Humania Towne. "Are those-"
"That's right," he said. "There is Delphina, in charge of moderating the townes. And that is Samhayne, one of the first developers of his group, and those- wait, where are the rest?"
"We don't know" said Samhayne. "They disappeared mysteriously sometime last night... they were with us when we went to bed, but not when we woke up."
He reached an announcer in two strides. "Send out an update. We have three warriors missing, and we don't know where they are. Now!"
"Yes, G." He sent out an alarm.
"What do I do?" Asked Juke.
"Help me find them."
"Finally, adventure!"
And they dashed off into the jungle to find the other three.
"We should do one more look around the building." Said Delphina. Samhayne nodded yes, but then a voice appeared. "You won't need to." And all that was left of them was their weapons.

"We need to look in Tindrin," said Justg, "we will have to bribe the Dragkins. They were the people who attacked the Elite 5 Legends last time, and they might have some information.
"Wait." Said Juke, frightened. Tindrin? Bribe? Dragkins?"
"You'll be fine, I'm sure."
"But they were not, and they DIED!"

"Grampa, is that really how it happened?"
"Yep," said Justg with a smile and a wink. "That's how it happened."

The End..? (Dum dum duuuuummm)

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nice story

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You have a gift. Nice story

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