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Shihua Lai
03-17-2014, 11:23 AM
To avenge for Jarl's critical damage inflicted to Himingleva, he swung his glaive with all his might. Jarl almost died. Himingleva, being alert, noticed that Jarl's attention was on Uller, quickly stabbed him with her daggers. They looted a golden chest. Himingleva received Warden Vest of Will while Uller received Zweihander Sword of Will.

After looting their items, their eyes met. They held a long gaze. Uller felt a sense of attraction to her. Himingleva also felt attracted to Uller, but they did not dare to admit. She wanted to hold hands with Uller, but was afraid to do so, while Uller wanted to kiss her but he was afraid that he would frighten her away. After one more look, they went ahead to kill Thunk One Eye and his minions. Himingleva unleashed Noxious Bolt and poisoned the whole group of goblins while Uller attacked Thunk One Eye. After 6 minutes, she rushed to help Uller. She unleashed Aimed Shot and killed Thunk One Eye. Uller was impressed by her graceful skills. He stared at her with wonder. When Himingleva saw it, she blushed and turned away. Uller, seeing that she blushed and turned away, also stopped staring at her.

The gold mine was daunting. Himingleva was scared. Uller offered his protection. She gratefully accepted it and wondered,"Does he love me?" After she thought for a while, she silently said to herself,"Through his behavior, there is a high chance. But that does not mean he likes me." She prayed one day Uller would confess to her. She daydreamed for a while. She did not realize that Uller was already out of sight. She heard Uller saying" come on!" and she stopped daydreaming and rushed to his side. They were nearing Ghul Bellybottom now. She used Shadow Piercer and injured him, but it was not much of a damage. Uller used Juggernaut when he was tired. It did a good damage. They attacked him when he was tired. After a few hours of a gruesome battle, they finally defeated him but they had serious injuries. They travelled to Travelers Outpost to rest.

While they were resting, they ordered mugs of frothy beer before they turned in foe the night. While drinking, Uller was daydreaming. Noticing, Himingleva asked," What are you daydreaming of?" Uller dreamily said," Me and you having a happy life, have a family when we are older and enjoy moments together." Hearing this, Himingleva was ecstatic. The person who she fell in love with also loved her! Then Uller seemed to be shocked by what he said just now. He asked," Do you love me?" Himingleva smiled and gave him a kiss on a cheek, whispering,"I do, my dove and I always will love you. I will battle with you and our love will never die even if we die."

03-23-2014, 06:26 AM
Nice story bro ^^ Well done :adoration:

Shihua Lai
03-23-2014, 08:19 AM
Haha thks!

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