View Full Version : The Love Story of Uller and Himingleva Part 4

Shihua Lai
03-18-2014, 03:14 AM
Uller's parents came home. They were surprised to see the lock broken. Worries that their beloved son was kidnapped, they put out flyers and ads about their missing son and offering a cash reward of 20,000 if found and returned.

For Himingleva's family, they thought Aegir pirates sneaked into the house and took her away. They fought pirate after pirate, but they failed to continue the search as they killed after a head on assault with Captain Fangtooth. Himingleva did not know about this, but later she will know.

In Travelers Outpost, Uller and Himingleva decided to get married at the age of 14 but little did Uller realize that his parents would not allow him to marry a Kolgan as Paradise Pier once overtook Stronghold until they fought back. After making plans, they went to sleep.

Himingleva woke up earlier. She decided to cook some breakfast with her survival skills she was taught. She went to Ydra Forest to hunt.

She saw a wild deer running. She stalked the deer with amazing agility. Alas the deer stopped to eat grass. She took her bow,notch an arrow and aimed. She let go of the bow string and hit the deer at the heart. It died instantly. She lugged the deer back to their tent. She hoped Uller was sleeping.

When she came back to the tent, Uller was still sleeping. She chuckled to herself and made a bonfire and set up a pit to cook the deer. She decided to use the deerskin to make boots for him.

She again went outside the tent to look for seasoning. Luckily, a kind stranger gave her a bag of salt. She hurried back to the tent and added some salt on the deer. She was a good chef as her parents were chefs before their occupation changed into guards to protect Paradise Pier. She smiled to herself as she would want to see his reaction.

After 10 minutes, Uller woke up. He smelled deer meat. He wondered who cooked it so well until it smelled delicious. He walked out of the tent, wondering who cooked it. He saw Himingleva using deer skin to make boots and the still cooking deer meat next to her. He stared at her again with wonder. He said," You cooked this?" Himingleva replied with a smile," Yes, my dearest. I cooked this for you so you would have enough energy later. I hope it suits your taste buds. I am making boots for you as yours look worn out. I took your measurements while you are sleeping. Hope you don't mind." He blushed," Not at all. Its really nice of you to do all of this for me." She said," Cause you helped me when we first met and I loved you so I would do anything for you and I give you my protection, even though it will cost my life. Come, its time to eat."