View Full Version : The Love Story of Uller and Himingleva Part 5

Shihua Lai
03-18-2014, 03:55 AM
While eating, he realized the taste of hot food. It tasted so much nicer than cold food in Nordr. He asked her whether she ate cold food in Paradise Pier. She laughed and said good heartedly," No. Never our food easily turns cold. The temperature in Paradise Pier is quite hot, but never once very cold, so it will take a longer time to make the food cool down. Do you live in a cold place?" Uller looked at the ground," Yea, in Nordr, the temperatures there can be minus 12 degrees, so the food there is always cold and hard to eat." Himingleva heard that and said," Well, why not you ask your parents to live in Paradise Pier? There is water, fruits, lots of stars to see in the night, campfires and celebrations. It is really fun." Hearing this, he said in a sad tone," My parents cannot leave Stronghold. They have to protect Nordr until they are dead and they would not allow me to step out of the house if I go back to Nordr." She smiled and said," Well, I hope I can bring you to Paradise Pier." Uller gave a a kiss before they went on to Ydra Outskirts.
They were happily strolling, holding each other hands until they met some ruthless rooks. They said," Hand all your valuables and a fee to cross this bridge. Uller and Himingleva looked at each other and said," Here, take some!" and wiped them out. It was easy. There are more and more rooks along the path, but both wiped them out easily like the rooks were houseflies.
They saw barrels of poison and puddles of poison on the ground. Himingleva sensed something, but Uller did not. As Uller was walking towards Rooks Hideout, Stahl threw knifes at Uller. Luckily, thanks to Himingleva's high dexterity, she stepped in front of him and got herself injured. Uller turned back. He saw Stahl. Angry that he injured Himingleva, he used Anger and used his charged up Skyward Smash. After a few slashes from his glaive, Stahl was defeated. Uller quickly rushed to Himingleva and used his Horn of Renew. He hugged her tightly and said," Thank you for saving me." Himingleva gave a weak smile," I swear that I would protect you no matter what. I can't lose you as you are my supporter. You never fail to make me smile and cheer me up when I was depressed. You saved me in Brackenridge. I admired your bravery that's why I fell in love with you." Uller said sofly," I loved you because you helped me many times and I was amazed by your loyalty. You are such a precious gem to my eyes." Their eyes were locked and they kissed each other.

Rooks Hideout was just as simple as Ydra Outskirts. They approached Mother. It was difficult to fight her in face so Uller distract her while Himingleva tackled behind.