View Full Version : The Love Story of Uller and Himingleva Part 6

Shihua Lai
03-18-2014, 04:00 AM
It was a long and gruesome battle before they could kill her. After they killed her, an egg dropped out. Uller picked it up and gave it to Himingleva. She gasped and said," Is this for me?" Uller replied with a weary smile," Yes my dear. You deserved it. Without you, I can't finish Mother off." She took it cautiously, careful not to break the egg. The egg broke off itself and a cute frog came out of the egg. When she saw it, it looked at her with its huge innocent eyes and croaked "Ribbit" before jumping on her head. She decided to name it Ribbit. Uller smiled at her, happy that she liked it.

It was getting dark. They have set up a tent again. This time, Uller offered himself to hunt for food. He said," I do not want you to be kidnapped by rooks." Then she said in a worried tone," Be safe! Watch your surroundings. Can you also bring back sticks and logs if you can carry them back?" He said," I will agree to anything that you say!" After that, he went to Ydra forest to hunt.

It was really dark, but Uller could see abit of his surroundings. He saw a big warthog. He thought," This should be good for dinner tonight!" He silently crept towards the warthog and one slash form his glaive, the warthog died. He had a bag with him so he put it inside his bag and went on to look for fruits just for Himingleva. He found a tree full of apples. He looked around for any rooks before he took the apples. He shook the tree. Some of them fell, but it was enough. After that, he used his glaive as an axe and chopped down trees to make a bonfire and twigs tto hold the meat. It was heavy, but Uller was strong. He took about 30 minutes to do all this before returning. He took about 10 minutes to walk home. While walking back, he saw a bush of roses. He decided to pluck one out for Himingleva.

With a light heart he walked back. He saw Himingleva waiting for him outside the tent.

He asked Himingleva to rest and let him do everything. After he set up a fire and a pit, he cooked it. While cooking, he borrowed Himingleva's thread and needle and used the skin of the warthog to make a coat for her since she did not have one and he feared that she would be cold and get ill.

While they were eating, he said," There are apples in my bag and I plucked them for you. Hope you like them!" She said," Wow you are so capable. I have never met such a man like you." He paused for a while and gave her the rose. She stared at it, then she took the rose and made a hair clip out of it in a few minutes. Her skill for handicraft was beyond words. It was beautiful. She said," I will one day make a useful thing for you."