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03-18-2014, 05:25 AM
She said," I can also forge an armor or weapon for you." Hearing this, he was amazed. His darling certainly had lots of talents. After dinner, he offered to clear the place.

After clearing, he heard Himingleva humming a song. She had a great voice. He quickly rushed to get the coat out.

He joined her. He said," I have something for you." He gave the coat to her. She gasped," Thank you." Hearing the words, he was glad she liked it.

After talking about some random topics, they planned about having children since they were nearing to the age of 14. After that, they slept.

The next day, she felt tired and felt nauseous. She wondered with alarm and thought," Am I pregnant?! If my parents see me like this, how am I going to face them?" Then she cried. Uller noticed and asked her what is the problem. She told him," I think I am pregnant. What should I do?" Hearing this news, he could only stand there. He did not know what to do. She said," I don't think I can fight much. How am I going to help you?" He said," I can fight, just stay behind me. I will protect you."

He slash and hacked until he met Bequila and Klutus. He told her to stand behind while he fight. But she did not. She went to face Bequila. She kept on using her skills until Bequila died. Seeing that Uller had a problem, she kept on firing arrows until the damn Klutus is dead. Uller approached her and said," I am really sorry. I will take responsibility when your parents know about this." She said," Its alright. Maybe I will not return home until I give birth then I will take care of it saying that this baby was found lying in the streets." Uller said," I will tell the truth and it is my fault for making you pregnant. I need to take full responsibility for it." Himingleva assured him that it would be fine.
Uller again slashed and killed the rooks. Now, they met Bael, the worst of the rooks. It took at least a day without Himingleva's help. They travelled to Great City of Kraag.
It was a big city. They went to the tavern to rest. That is where they met Villi, a Nott who was once a professional fighter and became a beer man after he was banished from Shuyal.
Himingleva almost threw up when she smelled food. It was a sure sign that she was pregnant. She said" How are we going to take care of the child if we are thrown out of our homes?" He said," We have to teach our child survival skills and train him how to fight."
They decided to stay in Kraag until she gave birth to the baby.

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This is Very Innapropiate The pregnancy Part should have never been Entered Because You are talking about 14 year old pregancy Which is pretty much illegal in most places but other than those parts its pretty good

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Hm, so how could she be pregnant if uller didn't even.. Well you know.

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! .....